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Advanced theme training?

I’ve read a few books on building WP themes and I certainly understand the basics. I would like to know read up on advanced topics like hooks, wp_rewrite and how functions.php should be structured. Can anyone recommend any good resources?

WordPress book for graphic designers?

Is there a good WordPress book intended for graphic designers? I’ve started working with a friend in an arrangement where he designs a site and I build it in WordPress. This works great since I have the design sense of a blind monkey. He would like to learn more about WordPress and how best to […]

A good WordPress theme development book recommendation

I am looking for a good recommendation for a wordpress theme development book. i have some experience building themes, but I want to learn more, and have trouble reading or understanding the codex sometimes. I don’t know that much php, so a php recommendation would also be nice. Thanks in advance.

Bookshelf plugin and/or widget

I’m looking for some kind of plugin and/or widget to display a list of book covers in the sidebar. Are there any good options out there?

Recommended Books on WordPress for Management and non-Developers?

I’ve had a few non-technical clients have a tough time with WordPress’ admin UI. One of them asked me today if there were any books that could help someone like him – someone who is only concerned with writing content. All of the WordPress books I’ve seen are either targeted toward developers, or have a […]

Which WordPress books should I recommend to a beginning web designer?

I have a friend who has a background in graphic design. She has taken a particular interest to web design. I am a software developer/system administrator, not a web developer, and I’m certainly not a designer; I couldn’t design a good-looking site to save my life. However, I am aware of the technologies involved and […]

Recommendations for an In-Depth WordPress Book?

Possible Duplicate: Definitive list of WordPress books I’ve been plugging away with WordPress for some years now. In that time, I’ve never really taken time to fully understand the platform. It powers my site, and that’s been enough. But I feel I need to know more about the system to get the most use out […]

Is there a way I can write a series in WordPress?

What I mean by series is like writing a book. A reader should be able to click on the book and then proceed to read the chapters. I can probably mimic it by creating a page and then linking it to a series of posts. I am looking for a more natural way to present […]

Definitive list of WordPress books

I’ve been thinking about what other large community wiki post site can benefit from. Questions about books come up all the time and I think it will be beneficial to have one large list to consolidate available literature on WordPress. Please include: title author(s) (preferably with links and cred) topic(s) covered user level targeted form […]