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How to output hierarchical taxonomy path, with only the deepest term assigned?

Let’s say we have a taxonomy that goes three levels deep, eg. A > B > C. Next, we create a post and assign it to the “C” term. In our case here, there will only ever be a single assignment; it’s the event a thing took place at. On the post’s page, I want […]

How to determine if custom post type showing on archive templates

Is there any way to determine if a particular custom post type will be displayed on default archive pages or search results? e.g. Given a post type named (badly) books, is there a way to tell via code any of the following: If books show up on date archives If books show up in search […]

If on term-page -> get the current term?

I’m trying to write a kind of “breadcrumb” function in my “functions.php” I’d like to query if I’m on a term-page and if so I want to print the current term I’m in. By “term-page” I mean the following. I list all terms of a custom-taxonomy (associated with a custom-post-type) as kind of categories in […]

Breadcrumbs with custom post type without plugin

I have used the following function for breadcrumbs on every site to date, but todays site has 3 custom post types and the client would like the breadcrumbs working, e.g. instead of “home / wines / naire blanco” we just get “home / / naire blanco”. function the_breadcrumb() { echo ‘<ol class=”breadcrumb” itemprop=”breadcrumb”>’; if (!is_home()) […]

How-to get the get_category_parents() breadcrumbs trail without link on last item

Just a question : I want to use get_category_parents() to display a breadcrumb on a category archive page, but with no link on the current displayed category (SEO purposes, because they say that’s a link to itself. I’m not sure search engines are that stupid, but anyway). Like this : link_home » link_cat1 » link_subcat1 […]

Custom Taxonomy Breadcrumb Navigation

I’m completely new to custom post types and custom taxonomies, so bear with me. I’m trying to create a breadcrumb navigation for the custom taxonomy project-category within the custom post type projects. Essentially, I need it to work like this: Custom Post Type > Custom Taxonomy Level 1 > Custom Taxonomy Level 2 > Custom […]

Breadcrumbs showing Parent and Child Pages

We are trying to create a function for breadcrumbs that will show not only the path to the current page, but also to other pages with the same parent page. For instance, on, the breadcrumbs would show Home > Parent1 > Child1 > Child2 > Child3 > Child4 rather than simply Home > Parent1 […]

recommended breadcrumb plugins with possibility for hiding “Home” link

I am using Breadcrumb NavXT plug-in in my pages but now I am facing a problem I need to hide the “Home” link in some pages. I can do that either by hiding it in CSS or by not creating it at all. in PHP If I want to use CSS – I dont have […]

Slugs as breadcrumbs for Pages

I´m trying to create a function that creates a breadcrumb trail of Page slugs outside of The Loop. These breadcrumbs show the path from the homepage to the current (sub)page. For example, on the page “” this breadcrumb would be shown: Home > Attractions > Parcs > Parc Name I´ve done a lot of research […]

show current navigation path from menu

I want something like this Home > Products > Steel > Nails This information should come from the menu structure! I installed Breadcrumb NavXT but it seems that it only takes the path I defined (this is the parent and so on). But I need this from the menu structure not from the user. Do […]