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Using breadcrumb to return from single-page to list

I have tried everything, and looked everywhere for a solution for this problem.. I have a custom type “boat”, which has some custom fields. I can display a list of boats on a page, and when a row is clicked the details are displayed in single-boat.php. One of the custom fields is a select box […]

Custom post type not displayed in breadcrumbs on archive page

I created new custom post type and am having problem with displaying the post type name in breadcrumbs. It should display “Home » Study » test study”, but it displays Home » » test study”. Site: CLICK Also, Study (title) should be displayed on the left of breadcrumbs on the site: CLICK On other pages […]

Direct link to post when multiple categories are selected

I have an custom Permalinks format: /%category%/%postname% It works fine as each posts gets link base on category, like category1/sub-category1/post-title. The problem is, when I assign the post to several categories, I cannot control which “path” will be chosen for link under direct link: On given example, the post has been added to category specjalne/produkty […]

Adding a Span Class in a Function

Link: I’ve tried this about 8 times and need some help. For the bread crumbs (navigation trail on the top of the page) I would like to add a span class only to the »’s that appear. If somebody could add this in the function below I would really appreciate it! My function: //////////////////////////////////////// […]

breadcrumb need to show all pages and subpages

am using Breadcrumb NavXT plugin. i want to show all the pages and subpages in breadcrumb.i know this is tough to understand, so am explain briefly here. i have the pages: ->mainpage —>subpage1 —>subpage2 —>subpage3 if i select main page it need to show you are here>subpage1>subpage2>subpage3 if i select subpage3 it need to show […]

Breadcrumbs stop working on a specific template file

I’m working on a theme and i use dimox’s breadcrumbs to display breadcrumbs in the footer, so far so good, works almost flawlessly BUT there’s one template file where i use 2 loops and i’m guessing this is what screws with the breadcrumbs… but i couldn’t put my finger on it exactly… here’s the code: […]

Breadcrumb ordered wrongly

/*Breadcrumb*/ if ( ! function_exists( ‘seobreadcrumbs’ ) ) : function seobreadcrumbs() { $separator = ‘&rsaquo;’; $home = ‘Home’; echo ‘<div xmlns:v=”” class=”seobreadcrumbs”>’; global $post; echo ‘ <span typeof=”v:Breadcrumb”> You are Here :- <a rel=”v:url” property=”v:title” href=””>Home</a> </span> ‘; $category = get_the_category(); if ($category) { foreach($category as $category) { echo $separator . “<span typeof=\”v:Breadcrumb\”> <a rel=\”v:url\” […]

Adding a line of text to php code

My wordpress theme has a button to turn breadcrumbs on or off. I want to leave the breadcrumb turned off and place a line of text where the breadcrumb would display on all pages except the home page. You can see the breadcrumb here: I see in the sub_page_header.php where the breadcrumb is called […]

WordPress SEO plugin (by Yoast) and BuddyPress

I’m using Yoast’s WordPress SEO plugin to generate breadcrumbs for my site. The problem is that when it comes to BuddyPress pages, the breadcrumbs can’t see a member’s profile page. Right now it shows “Home > Members” on the profile page when it should “Home > Members > Whatever the member’s name is”. Here’s a […]

how to automatically generate hierarchical menus from hierarchy of pages?

I have a photo site, and I take care to crested a logical nested hierarchy of pages. e.g. for photos I just posted, I created the following pages: the last of these is the one on which I placed my photos. I want hierarchical menus that are easy to navigate/browse. How do […]