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How do I pull avatar from post using BuddyPress?

I’d like to pull the avatar of a blog post’s author and display it on the page using BuddyPress but I cannot seem to pull it off. How would I go about this?

Change xprofile visibility options in Buddypress

I’m using Buddypress Extended Profile and the current visibility options are: – Everyone – Only Me – My Friends – All Members I need to remove “My Friends” and “All Members” and just leave “Everyone” and “Only Me”. After that I need to rename “Everyone” to “Public” and “Only Me” to “Private”. I’ve been googling […]

Current User In Custom Menu Item URL

I’m using S2Member + Buddypress on a compatible template. I have 8 menu items and am using the “Menu Items Visibility Control” to limit the 7th for view only to current_user_is(s2member_level1) | in_array(‘administrator’, $GLOBALS[‘current_user’]->roles) This visibility is working correctly. I’m in need of a way to create a custom menu item that will link to […]

Include Buddypress & bbPress styles/scripts conditionally

I’m working on a custom theme that uses Buddypress and bbPress to add social network functionality. I’ve noticed that both plugins css and js (many files) are loaded on every page, even though none of the functionality is used there. For example, in my homepage I only have a link to the forums, so I […]

redirect user to their profile after log in

I would like to know How can i redirect users to their profile after they log in to my website. Right now, when users log in, they get riderected to the home page but i would like for them to get redirected to their respective profile. thanks in advance

BuddyPress: filter member based on Xprofile Field

I have a xprofile field called Departments the department has three types of value (IT/ISM,Engineering,Others),so if engineering user logged in member page it will show only the members who are Engineering ,when IT/ISM user logged in member page it will show only the members who are IT/ISM ,if admin or others logged in it will […]

Help customising admin bar, removing buddypress links from dropdown

I am trying to customise my admin bar. I have achieved most of what I need to do but am stuck on a couple of things. I want to remove most of the links from the dropdown menu that appears when you moveover, “How are you, Name?”. I want to keep the top part with […]

Use BuddyPress data in loop (mkdir)

I am trying to create a folder per user based on BuddyPress fields, using the following: bp_member_profile_data( ‘field=ID Number’ ); If I use the above code with mkdir, it doesn’t work (ie, the folder name will just be “User – ” (with no ID Number) This is my loop code: <?php if ( bp_has_members( ‘per_page=0’, […]

Why BuddyPress fields not saving?

I have a WordPress+BuddyPress site. I added some extra fields in user profile. When i registering user i fill all fields on register form. After i do redirection in user profile: function auto_login_new_user( $user_id ) { wp_set_current_user($user_id); wp_set_auth_cookie($user_id); global $current_user; get_currentuserinfo(); wp_redirect( home_url() . ‘/members/’ . $current_user->user_login . ‘/profile/edit/group/1/’ ); exit(); } add_action( ‘user_register’, ‘auto_login_new_user’ […]

Fill the content of newly added Profile Tab (BuddyPress)

I have added a new tab for profile tab using following code. add_action(‘bp_setup_nav’, ‘mb_bp_profile_menu_posts’, 301 ); function mb_bp_profile_menu_posts() { global $bp; bp_core_new_nav_item( array( ‘name’ => ‘My Posts’, ‘slug’ => ‘posts’, ‘position’ => 11, ‘default_subnav_slug’ => ‘published’, // We add this submenu item below ‘screen_function’ => ‘mb_author_posts’ ) ); } I need to show 5 latest […]