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Buddypress Add unserialized Profile Fields in Members Loop

I’m trying to show profile fields with checkboxes and drop-downs in the members directory loop. Example: Next to each member in the directory I want to show the Gender they selected This code works for text fields: echo xprofile_get_field_data(‘Full Name’, bp_get_member_user_id()); BUT how do I echo profile fields for drop-downs or checkboxes (unserialized data)?

How to check if the current page is a “personal activity”-page in buddypress?

I want to modify some general text in my personal-activity page in buddypress. Does any one know any conditional tag like is_page(‘activity’) things are there for checking this? the page can be navigated as member profile page -> activity tab Thanks in advance 🙂 Vignesh

Wp favorite posts get user favorites in profile using buddypress

Im currently encountering a problem i display user wp favorites posts fine, but the issue is i wont display them, once users are logged out it says ” no posts have been made” while each user has their own posts also once im logged in i can display my favorite posts in my profile but […]

New user created as Participant rather than Contributor

On WordPress settings we have it set such that a new user should be created as a Contributor: However, any users that are created are given a role of Participant: This means that they cannot create their own blog. I am pretty certain that this hasn’t always been the case. For further information we are […]

Forcing WordPress to work differently

This is kind of an airy-fairy question but it’s been causing me grief for weeks and I’d like some outside input. I have a client, a programmer, who wants a site set up so people can post stories, edit them, share the accounts, comment, etc. I have the site working rather well via buddypress and […]

Buddypress – adding custom post to members

I am new to Buddypress. I am trying to figure out the following but there doesnt seem to be much help for the same (or I am not looking in the right direction). I have created a ‘meeting‘ as a custom post. I want to implement a functionality where I can include particular members in […]

BuddyPress User Profile Menu

I need to show BuddyPress menu item just specific roles and hide all other users. I have 2 user roles like subscriber and author. For example; I want to show my friends only to the authors and to me. None of the other subscribers can see. I can hide menu items with this code in […]

How to get user id which is done by buddypress

I have integrated buddypress in my wordpress theme. i need to get user id when buddypress completes user registration successfully like what we usually do wp_insert_user( $userdata ) which returns user id when user information is successfully how do i get user id? its urgent..pleas help. Thanks in advance.

Can't Find BBPress data in Database

I have installed BBPress in my Buddypress Based WordPress Site. And i m unable to find any table of bbpress which contains data from the forum in my database. Where can i find it?

Buddypress register.php user redirect

In my buddypress I have set the register page as homepage. Now whenever a logged-in user tries to access the register page(homepage), they are redirected to Members directory. I want it to change to, home page. is there any way? I have tried changing the buddypress/bp-members/bp-members-signup.php file this way: // If the user is logged […]