Articles of bulk import

Mass importing json data into custom fields (postmeta)

I am in the process of importing large amounts of data into a custom post type that has several custom fields (postmeta fields created by Advanced Custom Fields). I am using the following function to import the data and it works fine with my test file of about 10 posts with the exception of the […]

Importing users to Buddypress with custom fields

Here’s the setup: The client uses a proprietary custom-coded PHP CMS and is wanting to move to WordPress with BuddyPress. The old, custom CMS has a roster functionality, which I’m using BuddyPress custom fields to replace. The custom fields are basic contact info (Phone, Fax) and company info (Text field). What is the best way […]

Importing Multiple DB to one MU database

I have three databases associated with three different WP sites. I set up one MU site, with one database. How should I import each of the three databases?

Update content of multiple pages/posts at once?

Is this possible? using shortcodes? Custom post type? Custom Fields? CSV upload? Unique content per page. Do not need to create new pages, Just update body of them. Seems like a tough one? Also can this be scheduled. Specifically there are a dozen Horoscope pages, with a paragraph of text. I’d like to update each […]

Create Posts using Import>RSS/WXR/XML and pass values to Custom Fields

My problem is simple. I need to make a lot of posts containing image url’s for a “photo gallery” page. I’ve read up a lot on creating posts from RSS feeds and imports. I’ve been successful at creating posts but can not somehow pass a value into a custom type. The gallery needs two url’s, […]

Importing posts in custom post type into new website

I have two wordpress installs. One in root directory and other in subdirectory of the same domain. I want to transfer posts of subdirectory into a custom post type of main site. Post of subdirectory (to be transferred) have several taxonomies so should I import and transfer taxonomies first? If yes then how to? and […]

Fixing media links after importing to multisite

When i imported all posts and media from a old site to new site which on wordpress multisite. The image links on posts are got broken because how media are stored on a multisite is quite different from a single installation wordpress site. And also the links in the contents are static so it don’t […]

How to Import Categories with Descriptions from a CSV File?

How could I import a list of new categories and category descriptions from a file of Comma Separated Values?

Identifying Importer Posts

Given a site with 100 posts, where an unspecified number of posts are manually written, and the rest are created using the WordPress importer, how would I programmatically identify the posts imported without having access to remote sites or the original import file? E.g. was this post created by the Importer tool?

WXR import problem — not including categories

I’m trying to import into WordPress a WXR file with many hundreds of Posts. It works fine and during the import process it seems to understand the categories, but the imported Posts are eventually just given the Uncategorized category. I’m using the WordPress Importer plugin. Does anyone have any ideas on this? Thanks!