Articles of bulk import

Workflow for new importer plugin – your advices?

I’m building a new plugin to import Pinterest Pins from a user into WordPress. It will NOT work using the Pinterest API (which is too limited for what I want to do) and requires the user login and password (so it can retrieve the user’s secret boards). I would like to know what you think […]

How to avoid timeout when importing a lot of data?

I need to import catalog data from external server. The data is arranged in categories and then items. the API requires the following calls: 1. Get categories 2. Get category items 3. get item data this task works once a day by using a cron job. the catalog contains about 5000 items. items import is […]

How might I sanitize an XML file before WP Import? (Does wordpress verify or clean text when importing from an XML document? )

I have been tasked to import an older, offline wordpress site. I have the XML export file and a tar-ball of the file tree. Nothing has given me reason to worry, but does WP check the contents of the XML file as it imports it? Does it attempt to clean anything such as XSS attempts […]

How to put large number of posts at wordpress?

Is it possible to make a big file, say, a csv, or json file. Then “Import” the file to wordpress? Also I want to be able to schedule the posts. How would I do so? Currently I am using to simply work with wordpress normal interface and post one by one. I wonder if […]

WordPress: Updating via Import

If I use the WordPress import feature avaialbale at Tools -> Import with a WordPress export file that contains the following <wp:category> <wp:category_nicename><![CDATA[magento]]></wp:category_nicename> <wp:cat_name><![CDATA[Magento]]></wp:cat_name> </wp:category> WordPress will create a category. The category’s name will be Magento, and its slug/nicename will be magento. However, if I attempt to import a second file with a slightly edited […]

import user info csv

I want to import user information using csv file. I use BP-Groups-Import-User plugin. The challenge is to add column first name and last name in csv file but i can not get the value to store. my table is | email | first name | last name | moderator | admin | +————+————+———–+———–+——-+ | | […]

Import CSV to MySQL, with custom registration field information

I have to update the information of 1500 members of my clients WordPress site. I’m using a membership to manage paidd subscriptions and I have to update the custom fields generated by this Plugin. I have looked in the MySQL database and found the following meta keys in the wp_usermeta table: paypal_user, paypal_status, paypal_custom_fields Pyapal_user […]

Inserting data into MagicFields using mysql queries

PART 01: INTRO Hey Stackexchange Greetings from the Snowy alps of Norway I have now tried for two full consecutive days to reverse engineer Magic Fields. Why? Because I am a simple man, and want to import data to my wordpress from an exotic database using CSV (and not programming a php routine, which I […]

WXR xml files are being imported as a TXT files and showing up under 'Media'

I need to import a whole bunch of non-WordPress posts in to WordPress. I would hope it would be pretty straight forward as there are no pictures or anything; it’s basically just a bunch of text. I’m testing out the WordPress Importer plugin but I’m not having much luck, even just using dummy data. To […]

Importing posts only – consequences?

One of my client holds a slow Internet connection. So he wants to do all his web updates locally (by any means – he doesn’t understand codes) and then he wants to update the website by any easy and quick means. Now I’s thinking to make him a localhost setup in his PC, and setting […]