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How do i change page template in bulk?

Googled for a long time, but did not find any solution. The case is – I have 950 pages I’d like to switch to other template. If i do it manually – it will take some time. If I do it via admin panel – it takes more than 2gb of server RAM to process […]

How to mass delete one line from all posts

I need to delete some content from all posts. Every post starts with this line: <p style=”text-align: center;”><img src=”” alt=”” /></p> So I want to delete this line from all posts from my database at once. I know I can edit it in phpmyadmin but I do not know how to do it. Here is […]

New users not showing up in Post -> Edit

Background: A client has used first and last names as the user names, and we are trying to replace the old users with new users with more secure user names. We need to assign the posts for the old users to the new user accounts. After we created a new user, we went to Posts […]

How to assign an additional/extra/second user-role to multiple users (of a specific user-role)

I have 500 users with 50 of those users assigned to user-role XYZ. I’d like these 50 XYZ users to keep their current XYZ user-role but also be assigned another/additional/extra/second user-role ABC… as a bulk job. I’m looking for a function that could find all users with user-role XYZ then assign them to a second […]

How to bulk edit canonical url's in SQL?

I’ve been assigned to edit the canonical URL’s (rel=”canonical” found in the head)of about 600 posts on a client’s site. Not all of the posts will use the same canonical url. Nor are these 301’s or 302’s. I’m told not to use a plugin because I would have to edit each post one at a […]

Bulk category update is not updating

I am using wordpress 3.1. and I have to reorganize categorize my posts. For this purpose, I am willing to remove some categories. Therefore, after login to admin section of my blog, I go to post > posts > I select the articles I want to edit > I select edit option from “Bulk Action” […]

how to make custom bulk actions for a WP_List_Table (core class)

I am using the WP_List_Table class and I added the links for the actions like this: function get_bulk_actions() { $actions = array(); $actions[‘approv’] ='<a href=”#”>’.__( ‘Approve’ ).'</a>’; $actions[‘reject’] = ‘<a href=”#”>’.__( ‘Reject’ ).'</a>’; $actions[‘delete’] = ‘<a href=”#”>’.__( ‘Delete’ ).'</a>’; $actions[‘view’] = ‘<a href=”#”>’.__( ‘View’ ).'</a>’; return $actions; } Then I display them in the display_row() […]

How To Add One Tag to Multiple Posts?

I have nearly 1500 posts in my wordpress blog. Before moving to a new design, I need to tag all these posts with one tag ‘old’. How can I do this? I tried to bulk edit posts and it will always go only upto 78 posts every time I tried. I tried increasing server limits […]

Custom bulk action for media gallery items

I’m trying to add custom “Bulk Actions” to WP 3.5 new media gallery items. I started from this excellent tutorial which does exactly what I need, but with regular posts; so i tried to adapt it to work with media gallery items. Starting from the original plugin code, here’s what I came up until now […]

Creating bulk posts with Youtube videos

I’m a bit new to WordPress and I’m a bit lost reading all sort of docs about creating bulk posts using PHP. I’ve wrote a small code that using Youtube API v3 to get all the videos from a Youtube channel and I want to create post in wordpress using that loop and data. My […]