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How to implement custom buttons into individual posts?

Is there any way that I can code custom buttons for liking, sharing, and tweeting on individual posts on wordpress. If so, how would I link the like button to like the post on Facebook and how would I link the share and tweet buttons.

How to add custom 'layout' buttons to wordpress editor?

I’d like to modify the editor by adding some ‘layout’ buttons. Ideally, I’d like to add the ability to add some html ‘partial’ by simply clicking a button. This is to help my client to create pre-coded pieces of page by himself, since he can’t code html markup. So, I would pre-program some micro-templates and […]

Convert to shortcode?

I found a plugin that does mostly what I want. But hoping it could be rewritten as a shortcode to only show where I want it to, not on every post. this is the js love.js jQuery( document ).on( ‘click’, ‘.love-button’, function() { var post_id = jQuery(this).data(‘id’); jQuery.ajax({ url : postlove.ajax_url, type : ‘post’, data […]

How to make a search button that will search my website?

I want to make a search button that search only within my website. Do I need external PHP or PERL script? Can it done by JavaScript? Or simply by HTML. I tried to create a form using HTML: <form> <input type=”search” name=”banner_search” class=”banner-text-box” > <input type=”submit” name=”” value=”SEARCH” class=”banner-text-btn”> </form>

Divi theme: change overlay color from default blue to back

On those pages I am unable to correct the the color of the button overlay. As you can see, they are black now but when you hover over, the color is changed to un ugly blue. I set the accent color to black in the Divi customization panel but I now want to correct this […]

How to dynamically add the the input text field in widget?

I have made a widget with input fields. I want to make an add more button to dynamically add the input field the first input field is the default. How can I make it is it possible to do that? Here is my widget code : <?php class ExampleClasss extends WP_Widget { function __construct() { […]

Add Ajax to rating button

I have a ratings button in WordPress that outputs the number of people who rated the post. Is it possible to add the Ajax functionality so it doesn’t refresh the whole page just the button number? Thank You in advance 🙂

How can I add buttons to a custom column in the taxonomy table?

I am working on an issue-based publishing system for a friend of mine. So far I have created a custom taxonomy called “Issue”; added several custom fields to the custom taxonomy (like “Issue number”, “PDF URL” and “Is Published?”); and expanded the taxonomy management page with additional columns to show these custom term data. Now […]

adding a button to the media uploader

I am writing a plugin for WordPress and am wondering how to add an extra button to the media uploader that says something like “add to album”. I can’t seem to find info on how other developers have managed to get this done. Thanks 🙂

Quicktags on all textarea.. Not working on plugin?

I want to put a couple of quicktags/buttons on a textarea which is outputted by a plugin called user submitted posts. I have given this textarea an unique id and read this on the Quicktags documentation: Run quicktags(settings) to initialize it, where settings is an object containing up to 3 properties: settings = { id […]