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How can I link a file in admin with a button?

Let suppose I have made a file in my theme folder (with the name c.php) and I want it to link it with a custom button (that I have made in post/page) in admin using GET action. How can I achieve that

WYSIWYG – Getting the “link” button from HTML mode in Visual mode

Pretty much as the title says, I want to use the “link” button from the HTML mode in the Visual Mode in the WYSIWYG editor (the link/unlink in visual is to “advanced” for my liking). Is this possible without too much of a hassle?

Displaying a button on each post

I’m trying to add a button for each post. add_action( ‘the_post’, [ $this, ‘myButton’ ] ); public function myButton( $post ) { $this->ID = $post->ID; $myId=$post->ID; echo “<button onclick=\”buttonAction()\” p style=\”font-size:10px\” id=\”ActionButton\”>ACTION</button>”; } This works well, but there is a problem, it not only appears in post, but also on homepage above each post and […]

What Can I Use To Add A Custom Button Between Publish button and Move To Trash?

I want to insert a custom button between “Publish” button and “Move To Trash” link. What can I use to make this? Here is a screenshot to make this clearer: I know I can use jQuery, but I want to do it the wordpress way. May be there is a filter hook or something else […]

How to add a button to custom post type's posts-page

How can I add a button to a posts -page. (In this case a custom post type). I’d like to place it next to, or near, the “Add new” button, to import content from a web service.

Custom “Publish” / “Update” button &

I’m trying to implement a “publish” button from a custom post type metabox. Everything actually works fine if I either create a new button and manually call submit() or duplicate the regular submit buttons, except for one thing: if i change the title of the post, I always get the “Confirm Navigation” popup asking me […]

Primary and Secondary Button Classes

I’m trying to style some buttons in a function (below) with the default WordPress button classes but the buttons are not being displayed (only the hyperlinked text is showing). I also tried deactivated all plugins and switching to a default WP theme to see if the buttons would display, but this issue still persists. So […]

Custom Shortcode and Button not Working after 3.9 update

I have added a new button that creates a short code but it seems that after the newest WordPress update, the button is not working any more. The button is visible but when someone clicks it, nothing happens. The code I used is the following- js part (function() { tinymce.create(‘tinymce.plugins.affiliate’, { init : function(ed, url) […]

Editing Screen: Make Update or Publish Button Follow The Page

The Problem: I am currently in the finishing stages of a premium theme I’ve been developing and all is mostly well. For pages I have a few custom meta boxes for adding in slideshows and other additional pieces of page content and have found that the editing screen is now pretty long. Due to the […]

TinyMCE Anchor Button not showing

I’m using this filter and function to display a custom, stripped-down version of the TinyMCE editor. Everything works as it should…except the ‘Anchor’ button will not show (‘anchor’)? According to the TinyMCE website (, that is the control to use. Does anyone know why the anchor button will not show? EDIT: the code example comes […]