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Is there a get_post(s) filter that can alter/replace the output completely?

I would like to create a plugin that creates a JSON cache of saved/updated data. But for the plugin to be general purpose I’d need it to override the output of get_posts and other get_functions. I know that html cache is faster and that good plugins already exist for that purpose, but this would be […]

Functions.php reverted to new one

First of all, sorry for not being able to phrase my question correctly. Then here is my problem – Some days ago I did some changes to my functions.php (one in wp_includes not in theme). I read that I should paste the code in function.php and did it without thinking in wp_includes functions.php…. so is […]

Method to make definitively static an abandoned WP blog

I have a blog, created with WordPress 3.4, which I abandoned some years ago but it is still receiving a good number of visits each day through Google search results. It means a load for my mySQL server and wondered if there was a method to make the blog definitively static. I don’t plan to […]

Why my browser keeps loading old version of custom JavaScript files in \divi\js?

I have custom JavaScript files in theme\divi\js. I modify these files and upload them to a GoDaddy web server, but the old version of these files keeps loading. I clear browser cache, disable cache, clear localStorage… I’ve even called GoDaddy tech support to disable CDN cache, but it is still loading the old files until […]

Is it possible to save an entire piece of rendered HTML in a transient?

I have some query that brings around 50+ posts (I know it’s not ideal but had to do that to build something the client asked..) and a set of loops to order them in a certain way and it looks like that this sequence is delaying parts of the rendering of the page. I’d like […]

server load. $_SERVER and $_SERVER

while writing new code and testing it, I incorporate it into my site by testing for the remote IP address as follows; i.e., I’m the only one who will see the new code: in /functions.php: // to hide certain sections/features from people other than myself $myIP = ‘’; // the value as currently indicated by […]

Where should a plugin or widget cache its results?

Where should a plugin cache its re-usable results? I have read the code of several well-used WordPress plugins, and it seems that the answer is not consistent. I have written several plugins myself, and I store things in a cache directory. But I just picked the location of the directory out of a hat, and […]

Optimizing Jetpack for WordPress

Yslow reports following issues with Jetpack: 1) Compress using gzip 2) Configure etags for… Modified the format so that it is easier to understand. How can I take action against these items. I am already using latest version of W3 Total cache plugin. Pls advise.

Cache directory needed for plugin

I’m working on a new plugin, and i need to write a frew cache files somewhere. At first i wanted to create a cache folder inside my plugin with the following .gitignore file in it: # Ignore everything in this directory * # Except this file !.gitignore But when i checkout the plugin in a […]

When use a cache system with WordPress

(sorry if this is duplicated but I couldn’t find anything related) I have an WordPress 3.0.3 instalation with some custom coding and tried the W3 Total Cache plugin but had some problems…so I’ve decided to deactivated it. And now I’m wondering that there are any average number of daily visits that becames necessary the use […]