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HIgh CPU usage – Will using cache plugins help

i am having issues with CPU high utilization, more than 92% . Is there anyway to track which plugin or process or user is causing this issue? Will usage of any cache plugin will help this or not ?

How to save comment name email url fields?

First of all I must admit that I’m not entirely sure about whether or not this question is allowed here (as this is not code debugging question), but still asking in hope some wp users can show me some light on this matter. In wordpress if a website is using the default wordpress comment form […]

opcache_reset on plugin/theme/core update

wordpress it seem not reset opcache after plug-in/theme/core update. For solve this issue i have set in the php.ini opcache.validate_timestamps=1 all work correctly but validate_timestamps when it’s enabled, PHP will check the file timestamp each request with a performance degradation. When it’s disabled, PHP files are NEVER checked for updated code. When wordpress updating code, […]

Transients are not expiring as expected in simple custom plugin

I have developed a simple shortcode plugin that essentially gets txt files from the url provided in the shortcode and parses a specific piece of data from them (date the file was last modified). I am trying to use WP transients to cache the parsed data for 24-48 hours before re-fetching the txt file again. […]

How to keep cache files after plugin update?

I’ve got a premium plugin and setting up a custom solution to serve updates. However I’ve got a question regarding how contents are managed. WordPress just remove old plugin folder and install the new one. But what about cached files? Assuming plugin has got two folders full of files and I must keep them: how […]

How can I cache font files on WordPress

The caching portion of all of the speed tests fail on my site because I am using font files to pull in my fonts. I am using w3 Total Cache, and KeyCDN. The font files are hosted in a folder inside the themes folder. I have altered my .htaccess file to allow these fonts to […]

flush_widget_cache is deprecated. Which method should i use instead?

The reviewer of my theme told me that flush_widget_cache() which I have used in one of my widgets is deprecated since version 4.4. I have searched for this method on codex but there is only a description that this function is deprecated and that’s it. Can anybody tell me that which method should i use […]

Object Caching Plugin force every plugin to cache objects?

Can caching plugins (like w3 Total Cache or similar) force themes and plugins to use cache for every object instantiated? Or are they just optimizing plain WordPress.

WP REST API and Access-Control-Allow-Origin

In one of my project I use a WordPress REST Api. When I was enabled cache by WP Super Cache plugin I have an error now: XMLHttpRequest cannot load Origin is not allowed by Access-Control-Allow-Origin. How can I fix it?

How can I control if post updated

I am trying to write cache plugin for my web site. How can I control if post or page updated or added new page or post