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Create customized captcha field to wordpress comment form without Plugin

I did asked a similar question some time ago but i couldn’t get a useful answer. I would like to ask again. I actually wanted to add a field called “security” to prevent those autobot to send me spam through the wordpress comment form. And i have a specific answer for this security field. I […]

CAPTCHA plugin where I can use my own images and ask my own questions?

Just wondering if any of you have run across this kind of plugin. Basically I’d like to be able to (a) specify my own image; (b) specify my own challenge question; (c) specify my own answer. As in: (a) an image of the word “orange” written in Old English (b) “Type the word you see […]

Ajax Validation for reCaptcha

Background I have a registration form that validates with AJAX using jQuery Validation Engine. The form was created using Theme My Login and contains reCaptcha which I implemented using WP-reCAPTCHA. Just like the rest of the fields, I needed to validate reCaptcha using AJAX as well, that is, without refreshing the whole page. So far […]

How to run JavaScript function in WooCommerce checkout?

I’m building reCAPATCHA into my WooCommerce checkout. It is a fairly easy process as I’m using woocommerce_checkout_process to validate the capatcha. However, I have running into one issue. When there is a cart error, I want to be able to reset the reCAPATCHA using grecaptcha.reset(); JavaScript function. I’m unsure how to run the JavaScript command […]

How to integrate CAPTCHA on register page?

How can I integrate CAPTCHA on my register page to prevet bots to register (to prevent them from submiting the form).

Session problem in PHP – trying to create a simple CAPTCHA

I found a CAPTCHA script online for a self-made contact form on my site. In my theme folder I have a file called captcha_code_file.php: <?php /* * * this code is based on captcha code by Simon Jarvis * * * This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or * modify it […]

Getting thousands of registration spam

We have tried the range of Captcha options, and now have Facebook Connect with Akismet installed as a constant, but still can’t stop thousands of spam registrations from attacking our WordPress site. There must be a solution. Can anyone help?

Using google reCaptcha without a plugin

WordPress noob here wondering how to include reCaptcha authentication in my login without a plugin? So far I have added the captcha div into the login using a hook: add_action(‘login_form’,’my_added_login_field’); function my_added_login_field(){ ?> <p> <div class=”g-recaptcha” data-sitekey=”mySiteKey”></div> </p> <?php } The script is enqueued. Now I just need to add an authentication process to verify […]

Recaptcha timeout increase

Hy there is there any way to increase google recaptcha timeout, i think now it is on 120s, ? I have added captcha via php and google recaptcha.php library. Thanks

Submit form after reCaptcha is solved

I have installed WP plugin for reCaptcha & add it on registration page, everything is OK but it submit the form before reCaptcha is solved. I don’t want to mess with WP code and do something stupid,I know i need to add statement like, if reCaptcha is solved then submit, but where to add that […]