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WooCommerce duplicate sub categories and product slugs

I’m building a website that allows you to hire or buy a product. I’ve set up the following product categories in WooCommerce: Hire Buy Is it possible to have the same sub-category slug under each parent category? E.g. Hire Sub category Sub category Buy Sub category Sub category When I try this, WordPress throws up […]

Pagination Not Working on Category.php page

My site is enerating some code for older/newer posts on the category page, but when you click “older” the link does not work. it is generating /blog/page/2 from /blog/ Tried a few plugins (WPnavi, Category pagination fix, and a few others that were the first and 2nd rated under “pagination” search) but it didn’t work […]

Articles are text-only in any “Category” instead of HTML

I run a WordPress blog at and a lot of articles are using HTML codes (mainly <h*>, <p>, <a> and <figure>). Those tags are correctly displayed on the homepage and inside any blog post. But when you browse a category (as ), then the articles are texts only. Same when you’re doing some […]

Is it possible to change any of the HTML/URL returned from the_category()

I’ve found this is on of my theme files: <?php the_category( ‘ ‘ ) ?> Ideally I’d like to wrap the whole thing in a function and replace some of the URL’s being output, but I don’t seem to be able to affect the output at all: <?php updateToPerfectURLs(the_category( ‘ ‘ )); ?> Ultimately I […]

Echo one category as title when post has multiple categories?

UPDATED QUESTION to be CLEARER Here’s my situation: WordPress top navigation has several menu items that jump to an array of posts within a specific category. For example, if you click “necklaces” you will find yourself in the necklaces section. You can click “next” or “previous” buttons and advance to the next necklace post. At […]

Random post category URL

I’m trying to get a random post URL, only in current category. This is my code, this returns the URL category, :/ <?php $current_cat = get_the_category(); $randomPost = $wpdb->get_var(” SELECT guid FROM $wpdb->posts WHERE post_type = ‘post’ IN wp_terms = $current_cat ORDER BY rand() LIMIT 1″); echo ‘<a href=”‘.$randomPost.'”> <div id=”temporadas-dropdown”>EPISODIO AL AZAR</div> </a>’; ?> […]

Do I use custom post type or something else?

I’m looking to add a “News” section to my homepage, and want this to be a link in my admin left panel so I can add articles on the fly by clicking “Add Article” and providing the headline, publication date, publication logo, external URL, and a snippet from the article. Initially, I thought of creating […]

Add line breaks in Category description via enter

My client wants to ad line breaks in category description via keyboard enter. In the editor the white space is added, but it is not shown on the website. I can add it with &nbsp; but I have to be able to do it by enter key. I tried commenting out this in default-filters.php: foreach […]

How to get product count with respect to categories in WooComerce

Hi I want to display all the categories of products in a loop to display them in category menu along the numbers of products each category contains. Some thing like that so far I have done this to get all categories $args = array( ‘number’ => $number, ‘orderby’ => $orderby, ‘order’ => $order, ‘hide_empty’ => […]

Search Posts / Pages with multiple options?

Here is what I am trying to accomplish. Need to design a website for Alcoholics Anonymous (local Chapter) to search for meetings. Need to search for multiple choices of meetings for example. Men’s meeting, on Monday, in the after noon, which is a open discussion meeting, in the city of Sylvania, Ohio. Other choices could […]