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Categories: A Greenhorn Question on Strategy (Not Code)

Im having an issue in my category set-up logic Let’s say I sell new/used (including Vintage) Drums/Drum Parts wherein a user can search by new, used or by individual part. So let’s say they choose to search by individual part on Cymbals. The search results page should then display a listing of Cymbals should also […]

Only show category to certain user levels without plugin

I’m building a site for some army guys to share photos, and one thing keeps stumping me. They have some photos that they’d like everyone who is signed up for the site to view, and others that just they can view. But they can’t be administrators. The only help I can find is on only […]

Allow users to post to a certain category

I have a website running WordPress. I have lots of content, e.g. tutorials, and I made a new category on a separate page, so I don’t have a lot of content there. I want users to be able to add content only to my newly created category, even if they are subscribers. I also want […]

Show Heirachy of categories in WP Download Monitor

I have the Download Monitor Plugin installed and it works beautifully, I just have a question regarding the categories. I have a parent category, Issue 0, which will have anywhere from 3-6 sub categories in it. Instead of the section on the front page looking like below, where it just lists every download in the […]

Taxonomies for WordPress Media Library

Possible Duplicate: How it is possible to use taxonomies on attachments? I know this has been a long debated issue with WP, but I was hoping that since the 3.5 upgrade, there has been some progress in categorizing images in the Media Library. Really, what I am hoping to accomplish is creating a set of […]

Add Class While on Current Post; wp_list_categories

The code below produces a sub-menu of child categories of the currently active parent category. This code also produces the child categories of the top parent category while viewing child categories and posts in those categories. The .current-cat CSS class is applied to the active child categories. This is the most nimble code I have […]

Add Post Screen Keep Category structure

So on the add post screen in wordpress there is the category checkbox div. Before you select a category for your post it shows the correct hierarchical structure as defined in the category admin screen. After selecting a category and saving the post it will put your selected category at the top of the list […]

How to know if it's a child taxonomy?

I’m in need to know if the current taxonomy is child or parent. How can i achieve this? I need it for the condition in if statement. I need to know if(this is child taxonomy){ } Anybody knows how?

Direct link to category?

I’m trying to build up a menu of category links for specific categories I’d like to highlight and apply styling/classes to. I’ve tried this sort of thing. <li><a href=”<?php get_site_url(); ?>category/Gadgets”> Gadgets</a></li> And <li><a href=”category/Gadgets”> Gadgets</a></li> It’s showing up as sitename/category/category/category/gadgets on the front end. I can’t use <?php wp_list_categories(‘orderby=name&title_li=’); ?> because it’s going to […]

How to use wp_category_checklist()?

I’ve recently discovered that we can insert a dropdown list of categories like this: define( ‘WP_USE_THEMES’, false ); require( ‘./wp-load.php’ ); wp_dropdown_categories( array( ‘child_of’ => 0, ‘class’ => ‘postform’, ‘depth’ => 0, ‘echo’ => 1, ‘exclude’ => ”, ‘hide_empty’ => false, ‘hide_if_empty’ => false, ‘hierarchical’ => true, ‘id’ => ”, ‘name’ => ‘cat-dropdown’, ‘order’ => […]