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Remove any product that is featured from regular display loop

I have set up a custom loop to display featured products at the top of their relevant category pages. but now I would like to go about removing featured products from the regular loop below, which is using the standard woocommerce code to display products, Any help would be greatly appreciated

Post Query not working

I have made a widget in my functions.php, like this: class Categories_Widget extends WP_Widget { function __construct() { parent::__construct( ‘categories_widget’, // Base ID (‘Categoriën tonen’), // Name array( ‘description’ => ( ‘Toon categoriën’ ), ) // Args ); } function widget($args, $instance) { extract($args, EXTR_SKIP); echo $before_widget; //echo “<h1>This is my new widget!</h1>”; include ‘inc/categories.php’; […]

Template hierarchy: how to let category.php conditionally-load archive.php?

In WordPress template chaining for categories, we have WP looking for: category-slug.php → category-id.php → category.php → archive.php → index.php Now, I’d like to make some tweaks in category.php, for instance insert some conditions over there, and if the condition is true, use a particular template (custom) otherwise continue processing the chain moving control as […]

Two Sections on Woocommerce Catergory Page

I would like to be able to customise the layout of the category pages of my website. If possible, I would like to make it so that products will appear in two sections, determined by a custom attribute (in this case an attribute we’ll call ‘Showroom’). This would be a checkbox attribute. Then on the […]

show WordPress categories with different Structure

i want to display all wordpress Categories with different structure and i dont want use the list structure . i want to choose my own elements in structure like this : <div> catname <input type=”hidden”> <div class=”sub”>subname<input><div class=”secondsub”></div></div></div> Guide me please . thanku

Loading Posts & Category with Ajax

Is there any way to make this function also output another html template with the current selected category’s data? function load_cat_posts () { $cat_id = absint($_REQUEST[‘cat’]); $args = array ( ‘cat’ => $cat_id, ‘posts_per_page’ => 10, ‘order’ => ‘DESC’ ); global $post; $posts = get_posts($args); ob_start (); foreach ( $posts as $post ) { setup_postdata( […]

Automatically select categories on new post based on GET value

Im looking for a solution in admin panel when admin click on a specific link to add new post automatically select one or more categories based on GET value. for example if admin click on fallowing link wp-admin/post-new.php?cat=news in the add new post page automatically check the news category in category selection section.

How can i change what one category displays?

I want to do this with WooCommerce product categories, but I guess it should be the same for post categories. I want all categories to display their products, but then i want one category “For free” to display products from all other categories where price is zero. How can I change it? Should i create […]

show posts in archive page based on selected catagory

I want to display posts in one page depending on a selected category in the menu, without loading the archive page of the category. a any idea on how it can be done?

Echo show_count of categories separately without using wp_list_categories

I want to show the count of a particular category, that means how many posts does a particular category have? I want the number as same as in the picture, but they are echoing like: Bathroom Scales (1) uncategorized (3) My code is: echo wp_list_categories(array( ‘show_count’ => ‘true’, ‘title_li’ => ”, ‘style’ => ”)); Is […]