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Add HTML to Term Description

I’m trying to add ( using wp_editor ) an HTML Term Description without a pluign. Whenever I try and spit out the data I get escaped HTML back: &lt;strong&gt;test&lt;/strong&gt; Should be <strong>test</strong> I tried html_entity_decode() but has unexpected consequences… <div class=”\&quot;big”>Test</div> Should be <div class=”big blue”>Test</div> I’ve tried removing wp_kses filters like other answers have […]

How to customize category_description()?

In a website I am working on ,there are 50 categories + sub categories, each has a a very long description text, then in an archive page I display all the titles of the categories + their description ,but it makes more sense to show the title of each category + a few words of […]

wp_list_categories with category description

It seems to me that category_description should be an option in wp_list_categories. Is there way to pull the description when listing all categories?

category_description() shows raw html after version 3.x?

Just looking for some history on the output of category_description() I have categories whose “description” fields are formatted with rich text and I’m trying to understand the differences in WP version with respect to the output of this method so that I can do a version check if necessary to implement desired output. For example, […]

Display Categories or Subcategories with name & description in category.php

I have the following issue for my customer. Can some suggest a possible solution to this issue? This website has Categories & Subcategories Cat1 -Subcat1 -Subcat2 -Subcat3 Cat2 -Subcat1 -Subcat2 -Subcat3 WHAT I NEED IS: When I click on Cat1 or Cat2, I need to display something like that: Repeat this action as long the […]

Limit Words in Category / Term Description – Admin Panel

I’m working with a Taxonomy where the Terms have lengthy descriptions. It makes the Admin Panel look really ugly when WordPress tries to display these descriptions for 10 categories. I’m trying to figure out a way to limit the number of words or characters displayed in the Category / Term Description Column but I cannot […]

How to create a shortcode to display a category description?

I’m at a loss on how to create a simple shortcode out of the following code: <?php echo category_description( $category_id ); ?> Looking to create something in the line of: [cat_description id=”category_id”] Any help would be appreciated. Please note I don’t have any experience with creating shortcodes and the tutorials I’ve tried really didn’t cover […]

Remove Archives in category title

How I can remove word “Archives” in head title in category page? I’m using the Twenty Twelve theme and WordPress 4. <head> <title>”name of category” Archives | “name of sites”</title> </head>

Remove the category/taxonomy description field?

How can I remove the category/taxonomy description field? The one which shows up on the edit category/taxonomy page.

Add 'Description' to taxonomy 'Quick Edit'

This seems fairly straight forward, but I cannot find a definite guide on how to add the taxonomy description field to the quick edit box. I’ve followed several tutorials on adding fields to the custom quick edit box, but the core fields (name, description and slug) do not follow the same guidelines as adding custom […]