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Changing image URLs in media library

On a default wordpress install, the media library is located at: /wp-admin/upload.php. I am trying to update the image URL to point to my CDN, not my local server. This filter add_filter(‘admin_post_thumbnail_html’, ‘my-function’, 1000, 5); will update the featured image URLs in the admin, but not the images in the media library list table. Is […]

Using Multisite with a CDN?

I’m running WordPress Multisite hosted with Bluehost, and only have 5 low volume sites. My site load time has been awful recently, so I’ve used Lazy Load, DB optimization,, and Quick Cache to try to remedy the speed issue. Spending a lot of time looking for a good CDN, and apparently, there ISN’T a […]

Add Font Awesome Embed CDN Script To WordPress

This is my original code that pulled Font Awesome icons, which is placed in my functions.php file: wp_enqueue_style( ‘prefix-font-awesome’, ‘//’, array(), ‘4.6.1’ ); They’ve recently started offering unique embed codes that appear like so: <script src=””></script> But I’m not sure how to use this with wp_enqueue_style.

How to exclude a specific template from being cached by a CDN

I’m using a specific template on my self-hosted WordPress blog to display a page with randomized posts. Recently, I configured W3 Total Cache to make use of a content delivery network (CDN). When not logged in as the administrator, a user will have some elements of the site served through the CDN instead of fetching […]

Change WordPress' media upload URL?

This isn’t the usual “How do I change the media upload folder?” question. Our entire site is run through a CDN. The CDN drops POST requests with a 5-6MB file so the WordPress uploads fail. I can work around this I think by changing where WordPress sends file upload requests. If the normal site URL […]

Best image hosting service

My girlfriend has a very popular blog, but we are growing beyond current bandwidth limit (1TB). Adsense doesn’t pay enough for an expensive CDN. What recommendations can you make about image hosting. Preferably a plugin, or something that can easily be implemented.

COOKIE_DOMAIN setting confusion

I’m upgrading my website and it’s using WordPress. I’m using sub-domain cdn for CDN and it needs to be cookieless. Currently my website is a multi-network of multisites (both are subdirectory installs), with the subdomain www hosting my main music project, and subdomain photo hosting my photography project. The plugin I’m using for that kind […]

Speed up WordPress

I don’t have the feeling that my blog is particularly slow, but that’s because I haven’t really started out yet. I’m very worried that it will get slow soon, especially because I will have blog posts with (optimized/compressed) 40-50 photos. This can’t be changed, but other things can. I already read a lot about it, […]

CDN + WP Admin Query – .htaccess redirection

Say I have a website at and I am using a CDN. Now if I want the CDN URL to be… and not, then what should I do? Is it a good idea to create a redirection where the wp-admin will always get files from and not is pointed […]

Varnish + W3 Total Page Cache

I currently have varnish setup on my server. I’m also using the W3 Total Cache plugin to speed up the site through a CDN. Question: Is there any point in using varnish if the pages are being cached and severed through the CDN? (Does this make varnish redundant).