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Function to replace comment's accented characters before posting

I have some weird problems with encoding my WordPress website and I can’t add comments with accent words. when i try to do it, i received error by WP. What i need is just a function that read the comment before it has inserted and transforms all the accented characters with normal characters with no […]

What's the Max character limit for a post in WordPress?

Very software out there has a limit for character but I haven’t seen any such limit for a post in WordPress. So I need to know if there is actually a Max character limit for a post in WordPress or not? If there is then what’s the limit?

Restrict characters in comment section

I am using Travelify theme and I am having some trouble restricting the characters in the comment section (textarea) or where the name or mail goes into the input tags. I read some articles about changing the core files from wp-includes like post.php / post-formats.php / formatting.php , for changing the preg_match function and only […]

Ampersand breaking Widget title

When adding an ampersand (&) to the Text Widget title, the title breaks at the ampersand position (frontend). So: ‘me, myself & I’ becomes: ‘me, myself ‘ The ampersand is being stored (correctly) as & in the DB. What really gets me is the fact that the title is already broken in the output method […]

“page not found” due to hat character (“^”) in a upload file name

I have several uploaded files whose links I have later discovered yield a “page not found” message error, because their name contain the hat character (“^”). Have I to delete and re-upload them after changing their name or is there an option that makes WordPress to correctly manage their original name?

Preg_Match(): compilation failed unknown property name

I’m having a problem with a wordpress theme I bought but their support is terrible. On every post page, I receive this error: Warning: preg_match(): Compilation failed: unknown property name after \P or \p at offset 7 in /nfs/c11/h03/mnt/206871/domains/ on line 230 data-first_letter=”A”> I can see that the problem is in template_tags.php line 230, which […]

Show ellipsis (…) only if the number of characters exceeds limit defined in substr

I’m limiting the number of characters in the title with substr. But even if the title is less than 50 characters, being shown the ellipsis (…). I would not display the ellipsis if the title does not exceed the limit of 50 characters. $title = substr( $title, 0, 50 ) . “…”; Title of my […]

how to avoid the character conversion of WordPress pages?

I am trying to use the WordPress pages but WordPress is overwriting certain characters. the ‘>’ character is turned into ‘& gt;’ why is WordPress changing these characters? is it possible to turn character conversion off for certain pages?

How do I remove weird characters in text?

Help, my site is suddenly populated with weird characters, like this: “Do what you love and do it often,†“If you don’t like your job, quit,†and “Travel often; Getting lost will help you find yourself.†What do I do to remove it? Link to Website.

Symbols such as £ end up being  in the database

Any posts with symbols such as £ or & or ♥ end up being  or worse. It doesn’t show in the admin panel on the edit post page, but it is saved in the database as  and shows on the actual live blog as  too. Here are the relevant tables in the […]