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Best way to salvage a very old WP site

I have a client who’s in a situation with her website: her ex-husband owns the hosting company and won’t let her have FTP or any other server access, she still has dashboard access, she wants to move the site to another hosting provider, and the site is on version 3.5.1. – hasn’t been updated since […]

header_image not working after site copy

I did a copy of a production site to a development site, but the header_image doesn’t work after the copy. The copy was done by doing a copy&replace of the host in the db dump file. Everything seems to work except that I now only get the default custom header image and not the one […]

How do I enable FTPS for WP / WP Clone use under Jessie?

I want to clone to have a copy of a client-owned, heavily duct-taped legacy original to have something that is properly under my control and doesn’t need a hacked-up server to function. (I have a WP directory archive and a database dump, but it doesn’t even display a coherent page if I try to […]

Can I clone WP to another directory on the same server?

I want to do some changes on WP for a friend but I don’t want to do it live. So I was thinking of cloning the current WP to another directory on the same server and then do work on that version ( -> and, when done, clone the changes back to main directory. […]

StackExchange clone using WordPress?

If you were to build a StackExchange clone site using WordPress, how would you do it?

WordPress as a Groupon clone

I want to create a clone. Do you think WordPress is the right system? If not, do you have any other recommendations? Any tips/tricks you have? What are the recommended plug-ins? If anyone has any better CMS option, I’d love a recommendation…

Main WordPress site with several flexible clones

I need to develop an english/spanish site. I found the Polylang plugin, which seems to do the job. But I also need to have several spanish mirrors with similar, yet unique content and this is where I am stumped. I need to have mirror sites for Venezuela, Colombia, Argentina, etc. The plan is for the […]

Two (or more) looks, with one set of content

I’d like to set up a pair of sites (red and blue) with different looks (backgrounds, header images), but the same content (pages, text, embedded media, etc.) And I’m trying to minimise the effort keeping them synced once set up. e.g., the two sites might have a root URL like: and The URLs […]

Create a wordpress test-system as a clone from productive system

For our WordPress-website, I wanted to create a test instance – to test WordPress-updates/plugin updates and new developments on the theme and so on … so i wrote a script to copy the database and the files: sourcedir=”/srv/www/htdocs/” testdir=”/srv/www/htdocs/” workdir=”/data/example.de_test-system” sqldumpfile=”$workdir/mysql_dump_example_wp2017.sql” echo “delete webroot” rm -rf $testdir echo “ nach kopieren” cp -R […]

How to copy an existing (custom themed) site to a new domain

I’m trying to find a way of duplicating an existing WordPress site that uses a custom theme to a new domain. Once it’s there I’ll do a redesign of the site and redirect the old url to the new one. Just briefly… I tried following the instructions @ but when it told me to […]