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PHP/MySQL issues when running WP on EC2 cloud

I am trying to create a wordpress blog on an Amazon EC2 instance. The amazon base image had apache and php already installed. I installed MySQL manually in my user directory. I am able to login to the MySQL database from linux command line. But I am not able to connect to the MySQL db […]

Combining tags from post types

I am trying to create a tag cloud that combines different post types. When I do a generic wp_tag_cloud, it only pulls the tag from posts, but if I add the custom post type that I want to include in the args, then it displays tags from those posts. However, if I have the same […]

Using Multisite with a CDN?

I’m running WordPress Multisite hosted with Bluehost, and only have 5 low volume sites. My site load time has been awful recently, so I’ve used Lazy Load, DB optimization,, and Quick Cache to try to remedy the speed issue. Spending a lot of time looking for a good CDN, and apparently, there ISN’T a […]

Plugin to Import Dropbox Files into Media Folder from the Cloud

I have been reading about options to use Dropbox as your upload folder and moving files to Dropbox from your server to put them in the cloud this way. What I need is a plugin or script to move images from a Dropbox folder to my WordPress’ server. This would save me a lot of […]

Individual css class for each tag in wp_tag_cloud

Help, this is probably the best way to have control over the styling of the wp_tag_cloud … I was looking for a way to add size based classes to my tags within the tag cloud widget. The problem here is that this solution only works when hard coded into for example a template file, but […]

Where should I host my images?

I just read this article on how you can upload your content to external sources to improve speed and save bandwidth. Anyway, my site has lots of images, but all of them are either static content or thumbnails that are placed beside each post (less than 30kb each). As I have no traffic as […]