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How to create a custom template for custom taxonomy wp-tag-cloud?

I created a custom taxonomy for “Course Topics.” Using the wp_tag_cloud I am able to create a custom cloud for this custom taxonomy. When you click on one of the terms in the cloud, it takes you to a filtered page. I am stuck trying to figure out how to create a custom template for […]

Admin edit S3 Media file?

I am running wordpress on multiple machines, hence in ‘stateless’ setup – which means the uploaded media files are hosted on S3 and wordpress directory doesnt contain any media files (they are deleted after uploaded). My question is: how can I edit (rotate, resize etc’) the media files once they are on S3 since they […]

Change order of WordPress tag cloud

I have found the following function to change the behavour of the WordPress tag cloud: function widget_custom_tag_cloud($args) { $args[‘orderby’] = ‘count’; return $args; } add_filter( ‘widget_tag_cloud_args’, ‘widget_custom_tag_cloud’ ); However, I need to change the order from ‘count’ to ‘menu_order’. Changing this line: $args[‘orderby’] = ‘count’; to $args[‘orderby’] = ‘menu_order’; does NOT work. Is it possible […]

display tag slug as class per link in tag cloud

I would like to filter wp_generate_tag_cloud so each of the tag links include the slug as a class. More specifically, I would like to output “tag-” + the tag slug. Currently what is assigned as the class is “tag-link-” + the tag ID. The the end, I would happy with either a replacement or just […]

Auto move media file to cloud

I have very little space to host my WordPress website. That is why I want all my media files are stored in the cloud like dropbox, google drive etc. For example, if a user wants to upload an image from the front-end using the common upload file button, then the image file is automatically stored […]

Interface for logged-in users to upload/download files

I am setting up a site for a non-profit that would like to have a ‘members’ area where certain users can swap files for meetings, events, etc. They essentially need a simple interface where they can upload/download files–one that is removed from the WordPress admin area. Some info: They would be uploading mostly text documents, […]

How to display tag cloud without links

How can a tag cloud generate a list of tags WITHOUT the links? This works fine for me, but I just don’t want the links: wp_tag_cloud(‘smallest=10&largest=10&number=0&format=list’); Didn’t see anything explicitly in here about this: There are similar questions on here, but they have to do with tags for a particular post. I don’t want […]

PHP/MySQL issues when running WP on EC2 cloud

I am trying to create a wordpress blog on an Amazon EC2 instance. The amazon base image had apache and php already installed. I installed MySQL manually in my user directory. I am able to login to the MySQL database from linux command line. But I am not able to connect to the MySQL db […]

Combining tags from post types

I am trying to create a tag cloud that combines different post types. When I do a generic wp_tag_cloud, it only pulls the tag from posts, but if I add the custom post type that I want to include in the args, then it displays tags from those posts. However, if I have the same […]

Using Multisite with a CDN?

I’m running WordPress Multisite hosted with Bluehost, and only have 5 low volume sites. My site load time has been awful recently, so I’ve used Lazy Load, DB optimization,, and Quick Cache to try to remedy the speed issue. Spending a lot of time looking for a good CDN, and apparently, there ISN’T a […]