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Cloudflare and SSL breaks wordpress – Mixed Content & Unable to use Admin

I’m trying to install WordPress with CF’s Flexible SSL option, and it worked out! The website loaded just fine with SSL. However, I couldn’t login to the admin page. When inputting details, all the page did was refresh and cleared the input. No errors on the page or in the PHP errors log. So I […]

Woocommerce – Want to block a user agent from accessing specific product pages

I want to block this user agent Mozilla/5.0 (compatible; sweetcouch/1.0; + from accessing specific product pages on my site. I have tried using Redirection plugin but it does not work. Please help Edit: I am using CloudFlare (I think it interferes with useragent but I get the correct useragent in Wordfence)

Adding a SSL Certificate

This is the first time I am moving any website to SSL. I am working on a pretty heavy website. It is using CloudFlare and W3TC to maintain the page load speed. Now I came to know having an SSL certificate is good and google recommends it. And also CloudFlare already has an SSL certificate […]

Can I check for maintenance mode before redirecting to subdomain?

I’m currently working on a site that will have several sub-domains that will need a re-direct based on country origin but the server doesn’t have the mod_geoip module allowed so I can’t use an .htaccess redirect, like: GeoIPEnable On GeoIPDBFile /path/to/GeoIP.dat # Canada RewriteEngine on RewriteCond %{ENV:GEOIP_COUNTRY_CODE} ^CA$ RewriteRule ^(.*)$$1 [L] I did some […]

Adding https to wordpress website

I am using Cloudflare (service that gives free HTTPS for your website) to have https on my WordPress website but when I change the site URL and WordPress URL to https://, I get a “redirected you too many times” error. I also tried to add define(‘FORCE_SSL_ADMIN’, true); in the wp-config.php file and guess what? The […]