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Can I manage content of my custom site using wordpress?

I might be asking a really dumb question but I want to know for sure whether or not I can link wordpress to my own site(own domain with own interface – not theme) and edit content in it. My site is already implemented and there is a sector called ‘Articles’ to which I want to […]

Parse a text area custom meta box and assign as value to existing meta keys

I built a post interface to accept specific data in the form of custom meta boxes [rant]but now the end user says it’s too much work to cut and paste 4 times[/rant]. So now (completely out of original scope) I need to parse the data entered into a new text area meta box and assign […]

How can I include active content in a custom post type?

Related to my How do I create a custom post type for a training CMS in WordPress? question, if I have a custom page type created for the presentation of training content, how could I include active content, such as a multiple choice test in some of these training pages? would very much prefer that […]

Adding and removing columns from the admin pages panel

I would like to remove “Comments” and “Author” columns from the list of pages, and add a couple of my own “Permalink” etc. Is this possible? Is there an appropriate hook I could use?

WordPress Book Exchange Plugin Equivalent?

I have a client which is in need of an entirely new website. One of the features of their existing website that they wish to keep is a student book exchange, where: students can sign-up and post any number books that they have to sell set a price for their own books take their books […]

Is wordpress a library with a default GUI?

First let me give little bit background about myself. I’m a desktop application developer and a systems programmer. I usually write all my applications in Assembly,C,C++. I’m not much of a web developer. I did developed couple of websites in PHP. Nothing great, No design patters, No frameworks, No external libraries, just a simple database […]

Drawing the line between theme & plugin on large scale bespoke projects

With most of my sites, sprinkling in the functionality within the theme seemed the logical way to go. For example, a site with a ‘product’ post type, or a few options in a meta box or setting page. On a couple of much larger projects though, it would’ve been crazy to keep it all in […]

About WordPress capabilities

I know WordPress is best for blog engine and with some plugin like Advance Custom Field, WP can become a great CMS. But it still good for publisher to push content to user. Now I have quite a situation. My friend want to use WP as a engine where user can contribute their post and […]

Pods CMS: How to add custom column to Adnvanced Content Type

I’m using Pods plugin (ver 2.2) to create some ‘Pods’ or Advanced Content Types, as they would refer to it, which are like custom post types but are actually separate from WP, blank slate, in their own tables. Each content type has at least two fields. What I wanted to know is how do I […]

WordPress as template engine

i would like to use WordPress as template engine in my custom bootstrap/zurb foundation sites. I found there’s lot of custom styles included in wordpress articles by default. Are there any ways how to get ‘pure'(not formatted) content from wordpress ? Would be cool to use lightweight customized,mobile friednly website powered by wordpress in ‘backend’.