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Searching Only Blog Posts From a WordPress Site's Main Posts Page?

On my CMS-style setup, I have the standard search box which searches everything. However, on my blog page, I would like to also have another search box which searches just the blog… is this possible, and how would I go about it? EDIT I used this code within a text widget which goes on my […]

WordPress shows registration link for non logged users

I have a WordPress site and I want to add a registration link for visitors. So, I added a menu item called ‘REGISTER’ with the following link: The problem is that this link opens the registration form for both users and visitors and I want to show it only to visitors.

Using the “Latest posts” feature on a different site

I want to display the “latest x posts“, like you see per default on the index-page, but on a completely different site. E.g. /blog/ Installing WP into the directory /blog/ is not an option, as the other pages will be managed with WP. Currently I’m using the NuRelm Get Posts plugin to get the content […]

Allow users to post to a certain category

I have a website running WordPress. I have lots of content, e.g. tutorials, and I made a new category on a separate page, so I don’t have a lot of content there. I want users to be able to add content only to my newly created category, even if they are subscribers. I also want […]

Guidance with The Loop for CMS

Maybe I’m going about this the wrong way but this is my scenario… I would like to use WordPress as a CMS rather than a blogging platform. I have a website that will have somewhere between 25-50 pages and will not have any posts. I’m looking to develop my own theme which should be fairly […]

New to CMS – WP functionality. overkill or just right?

I am a designer / developer. My experience is in HTML/CSS/JS, some knowledge in PHP, MySQL, and WordPress one-click-install and pre-made template. I want to program an entire website layout myself, and I have two places/needs for content management. (custom WP template?) A media gallery in HTML/CSS/JS that can populate with images from a CMS […]

WordPress for a business catalog site

I am completely noob with WordPress so I apologize in advance if my questions sounds completely stupid. Background I have a small business catalog site that I wrote long ago in plain HTML. Now I want to add some SEO and improve the design therefore I am looking to use a CMS for easy content […]

Convert link in WordPress 3.2.1

How can I convert links (url displayed in the browser) from : to something like this :

raw code vs wordpress

I am currently a CS student and an aspiring programmer/web developer. I am wondering whether it is worth taking the time to master html and css to make websites when CMS services/wysiwyg like wordpress and various others seem to be becoming more and more functional. Does anyone think these publishing services might eventually make the […]

Is a complex site possible with WordPress?

I’ve been presented with the opportunity to build a pretty complex website (complex for my experience). I’ll be honest, I’m new at this. Not brand new, I’ve built several functional, secure websites. But my first instinct was that this project was over my head. The individual owns an apartment complex and needs a website for […]