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Hiding styles from Facebook

Some of my pages/posts have very short custom stylesheets at the beginning of them. I know this isn’t great practice, but it’s worked very well thus far. The problem, however, is linking on Facebook: Facebook auto-generates a preview of the page, and it includes a picture, the page title, and a snippet from the beginning […]

How To Add Perfect Apostrophe And Quotation Mark In WordPress Posts?

I have a blog at where I am sharing codes snippet too. I am new to WordPress and migrated from Blogger. So now my all codes shared in posts stop working. When I check my codes then found that all was fin but just Apostrophe, Quotation and, Dash are changes that is causing to […]

How to add source code into wordpress post really?

Ok, I have read and followed the instructions as written in this link: I have tried all other the solutions, including reinstall the whole wordpress site, installing syntax highlighting plugins etc. but it just din’t work ?! Below is my published post in Twenty Thirteen. My post still display the code block as plain […]

get_page_template returning nothing

I run this code in front-page.php as well in category-foo.php <?php echo is_page_template( ‘front-page.php’ ) ? “yes” : “no” ?> and get both times “no” printed i tried as well <?php echo get_page_template() ?> returning nothing. I as well tried <?php echo get_category_template() ?> What I want to know, is in which main template file […]

I want to remove the home page header image from all other pages

I want to remove the home page header image from all other pages. When you click an individual article, the feature image and header image blend into each other in an unflattering way.There needs to be separation between the images or have the header image remain on the home page only.

write in functions.php

i just want this code to be added in my functions.php, so that it will directly display after my post ends currently i am adding this code to my single.php, but i want to add this is in functions.php, this code is use to fetch all the tweets of the respective account, the code is […]

Need resource on available functions and objects

I am a programmer, and love jQuery. Visual jQuery and other resources is THE best place to get all the code/function et get your hand dirty… But when it come to WordPress.. the code is too thin or too abstract… i nee more like a dictionary of term, function, and possibility What i need is […]

Proper indentation of code generated inside hooks

I really like having my code all properly indented and all, but all the code generated by wordpress, like the one that appears on the header when we use wp_head(), loses all the indentation. I think it doesn’t really matter, neither the users nor the search engines give a s**t about the code being indented […]

WP-Markdown treating java generics like HTML tags

With some Java generic code in a code block, ie: List<Integer> l = new ArrayList<Integer>(); WP-Markdown was treating as HTML, and no matter what I did, the code above got turned into something like List<Integer> l = new ArrayList</Integer><Integer>();</Integer> Is there any way to get WP Markdown to behave better with this kind of code? […]

If in category to be inside of a function

I have this code in WordPress index.php and I was wondering how can I transfer this in to a functions.php to be a part of a function? <?php if (in_category(‘featured’)) : ?> <a href=”<?php the_permalink(); ?>”> <span class=”featured_icon”> <img src=”<?php bloginfo(‘template_directory’); ?>/images/featured_icon.png” /> </span></a> <?php endif; ?> Thank You in advance for Your help 🙂