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Comment form connection to Gravity Forms

I want to use the comment form I have built to then transfer data directly into an entry within Gravity Forms. I’m thinking it can work from this: Someone fills out comment form. If checkbox is ticked, I collect the name and email of the commenter and add as an entry to a Gravity Form. […]

Using filter to add additional fields to comment_form()

I want to add a field to the comments and have used these codes. functions.php function my_fields($fields) { $fields[‘url2’] = ‘<p class=”comment-form-url2″> <label for=”url2″>URL hittad på webben</label> <input id=”url2″ name=”url2″ type=”text” value=”” size=”30″ /> </p>’; return $fields; } add_filter(‘comment_form_default_fields’,’my_fields’); comments.php comment_form(); Questions It does not add an extra field in admin comment. Should it, or […]

Disable comments

I’m wondering if there’s any way to prevent users from leaving comments but still display the comments form? So, whenever a new comment is posted, it should be automatically trashed or it shouldn’t be added at all. The comment form I have is for presentational purposes only and it shouldn’t accept any comments but it […]

Change “logged in” link in (you must be logged in to post a comment)

I need to change the link for “logged in” to a user log in url instead of wp login url. I have checked /wp-includes/comment-template.php and that’s what I found on line 2217 /** This filter is documented in wp-includes/link-template.php */ ‘must_log_in’ => ‘<p class=”must-log-in”>’ . sprintf( /* translators: %s: login URL */ __( ‘You must […]

Share comment to twitter after publishing

I need to share the comment from my web site after admin approves it from comment form to twitter account of user who comment for the post in my site. How can I do that?

Two steps comment form

Is it possible to have a comment form for anonymous users, that be proceeded in two steps. First step enter author info (Name and Email) then second step to add comment? I know this is possible with AJAX (with some limitation). Also some plugins like Jetpack, does something close to that, and Gravity have a […]

Changing position of cancel_comment_reply_link and other elements of comment form

How would I move elements of the WordPress comment form, which is called in comments.php with the following: <?php comment_form(); ?> For instance, I’d like to wrap cancel_comment_reply_link in h4 tags and place it below get_post_reply_link. But I don’t see any way to do it. Formerly, all the code for the comment form was there […]

Default comments file and how to copy it

I have a custom theme. There is no comments.php file, WordPress is using whatever the default is. I need to modify the comments area, but I want to base my changes off of the default template. Where is the default template and how can I copy it into my own theme’s comments.php? UPDATE Sorted it […]

Threaded Comments Feature not working

If a reader posts a comment on my blog, I’m able to reply to it. But the reply is not appearing on the post page, even after approving the comment. Number of comments to that specific post is 3, i.e., 2 from Readers + 1 Mine(Reply). Here is the example: . Note: I have […]

Publish a message on facebook after having posted a comment

I would like some advice on how to improve the code I use for allowing people to comment posts. Users can only submit a comment if they are connected with Facebook. I started developping this feature directly in the comments.php template. It works but there is another feature which permit people to publish a message […]