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get_comment_meta not behaving as expected

I’m sure this must be a silly error by me but I haven’t been able to solve it… I added an extra ‘rating’ field to my comments form so that users can rate posts. Everything works fine and by using add_comment_meta( $comment_id, ‘rating’, $rating ) it gets inserted fine in the wp_commentmeta table. However, when […]

unsetting required fields in the comment reply form

Is there a way to make differences between the normal comment form and the reply-to-form? For example, I added a set of required radiobuttons to the form which make rating by commenting happen. Now, if someone only replies to a rating comment, these radiobuttons should not be required nor displayed in the form. As the […]

Comments on future posts

I have enabled future (scheduled) posts to display as single post so on that page comments are enabled but there is a problem when i try to post comment. I get a blank screen without any warning or error displayed? I suppose that there is a problem when commenting on posts that are not yet […]

Create customized captcha field to wordpress comment form without Plugin

I did asked a similar question some time ago but i couldn’t get a useful answer. I would like to ask again. I actually wanted to add a field called “security” to prevent those autobot to send me spam through the wordpress comment form. And i have a specific answer for this security field. I […]

Change the tag of the comment submit button

The <input> tags does not allow/support many CSS properties, so I want to change it to <button>. How can I get that button and apply a filter to it?

How can I embed comments plugin to my own website?

I am looking for a way to embed WordPress comment form to watch.php in order to allow user to comment on a specific video. Can you tell me how?

Custom comment field not showing when logged-in

I’ve added a custom field in comment by using function comment_label($fields){ unset( $fields[‘url’] ); $fields[‘rate’] = ‘<p class=”comment_form_rate” id=”rate_recipe”> <span class=”star_rating”> <input class=”star star-5″ id=”star-5″ type=”radio” name=”rate” value=”5″/> <label class=”star star-5″ for=”star-5″></label> <input class=”star star-4″ id=”star-4″ type=”radio” name=”rate” value=”4″/> <label class=”star star-4″ for=”star-4″></label> <input class=”star star-3″ id=”star-3″ type=”radio” name=”rate” value=”3″/> <label class=”star star-3″ for=”star-3″></label> <input […]

How to create post comment from different domain

Using an API plugin i have been able to build a site that combines content from multiple WordPress websites. I want to give users the ability to quickly leave a comment for one of these posts without having to navigate to the source website. I was able to copy the comment code from the source […]

Add comment_meta to wp_comment_reply

I have added some custom meta data for all my comments. I show this meta data in the backend. However, I would like to be able to insert metadata in the wp_comment_reply editor as well: I thought I could use a wp_comment_reply filter for this, but I can’t get it to work. Does anyone have […]

Get comment id of the individual comments in comment list when modifying comment posted using comment text filter

I am trying to modify the comment displayed in the comment list and for that i am using the following code: add_filter( ‘comment_text’, ‘modify_comment’); function modify_comment( $text ){ wp_enqueue_script(‘cmt-player’, plugins_url( ‘js/cmt-player.js’,__FILE__ ), array( ‘jquery’ ), ”, true ); $comment_id = get_comment_ID(); $file_url = get_comment_meta($comment_id, ‘record_file’, true ); $site_parameters = array( ‘file_url’ => $file_url, ‘plugin_url’ => […]