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show the meta values to visitors that collected via coment form

in stackoverflow (here) there is a solution for collecting extra information from visitors, and i want to ask that, is it possible to show the collected information to other visitors in his/her comment section? Thanks…

How to update Post Meta values through the comment system

I’m working on allowing users to rate posts – through the comment meta. Storing and displaying individual ratings is working, however, I would like to be able to store the average rating in the post meta. I have this thus far, seem to get stuck on passing values to the post meta. add_action( ‘comment_post’, ‘add_av_rating’, […]

Add Comment Custom Field

I searched a lot of thread regarding my problem, but unfortunately I found nothing works, and this my final option. I want to add some custom fields on my comment form. How can I do that?

Is it possible to show custom comment metadata in the admin panel?

I’ve customized my comment form with a new field (city, but that doesn’t really matter). I’ve hooked and filtered and added my comment metadata with add_comment_metadata. I want to show that metadata in the Comments admin panel (wp-admin/edit-comments.php). Google searches prove fruitless. Is this possible? If it is, how does one go about it? I’d […]

How to change title attribute returned by comments_popup_link()?

I can change label of comments by altering Comment(s) from parameter of following function: comments_popup_link(‘No Comments;’, ‘1 Comment;’, ‘% Comments;’); But, seems that title attribute is returned from core modules. Suggest me to alter title attribute without editing core modules.

Wpdb query for comment meta for current post

I have a comment meta field that displays a rating for each comment, I was wondering if there is any way I can query the database to get the sum total of these ratings for each post. I have included the following code in my single.php, but it obviously gives the total from all the […]

Upload images with comment

EDIT: I finally got the right answer; see my own answer beneath this post for everyone that’s interested. After searching for a couple of days and trying over and over again I really got stuck. I’ve a client who collects customer experiences on his website by using the comment form; all comments are displayed as […]

Add a drop down list to comment form?

Can somebody help me to create a drop-down menu or (radio buttons) in WordPress comment form, so that a new user could make a selection of their user roles (for example teachers + students) ? Output from dropdown list or radio button would appear somewhere in the comments area. The best of all would also […]

How to get the average of the values from the comment meta

I used the comment meta to add a simple rating system. The user can post a rate from the comment form from where I added 3 dropdown comment meta. The rating is working well, reflecting the ratings together with the comment written by the user. My only problem now is this: how can I get […]

Query & Sort Comments by custom comment meta

I added a basic “favorite/recommend” functionality for posts and comments to a wordpress site I’m working on. I’m storing the total numbers of comment “likes” in a custom comment meta field (update_comment_meta). Now I would like to query and sort comments based on this custom meta key and the corresponding values in order to display […]