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Custom comment link

How can I customize my comment link without modifying comment-template.php file line 676: $link = $link . ‘#comment-‘ . $comment->comment_ID; I would like to get the same link just little modified and it should look like: $link = $link . ‘?comments#comment-‘ . $comment->comment_ID; And I’m using my comments to show like this: $page = intval( […]

How can I embed comments plugin to my own website?

I am looking for a way to embed WordPress comment form to watch.php in order to allow user to comment on a specific video. Can you tell me how?

Custom comment field not showing when logged-in

I’ve added a custom field in comment by using function comment_label($fields){ unset( $fields[‘url’] ); $fields[‘rate’] = ‘<p class=”comment_form_rate” id=”rate_recipe”> <span class=”star_rating”> <input class=”star star-5″ id=”star-5″ type=”radio” name=”rate” value=”5″/> <label class=”star star-5″ for=”star-5″></label> <input class=”star star-4″ id=”star-4″ type=”radio” name=”rate” value=”4″/> <label class=”star star-4″ for=”star-4″></label> <input class=”star star-3″ id=”star-3″ type=”radio” name=”rate” value=”3″/> <label class=”star star-3″ for=”star-3″></label> <input […]

Check if the current user is author of first comment

I am editing the comments.php file for the purpose of my site. I want the comment section to be something like this: only the person who made the first comment and the post author will be able to create the next comments one by one. My code goes something like this now. This doesn’t work […]

adding a text message beside the comment submit button

What is the cleanest way to display a text message beside the submit button like this in screen shot: I am currently doing it by editing the file wp-includes/comment-template line 1577 (wordpress 3.5) before: <input name=”submit” type=”submit” id=”<?php echo esc_attr( $args[‘id_submit’] ); ?>” value=”<?php echo esc_attr( $args[‘label_submit’] ); ?>” /> after: <input name=”submit” type=”submit” id=”<?php […]

Change WordPress comments url / word

Is this possible? For example, I want to change to What should I do to get it working? Is there any chance to fix this?

Appended comments but they show up above the content instead of below

I am trying to append a comments template to the end of the flash object in this plugin file. Below is the full code. To pinpoint exactly where I added the comments template, please refer to this pastebin. The appended comments template is on line 164. For some reason, even though I appended it, the […]

Custom setup of wordpress comments that are displayed

I have setup in admin to have 5 comments per post display, which is what I want, and newest at the top. But the problem is when a 6th comment is made it is the only one displayed and you can read the previous comments which will display 5. What I would like it to […]

Override comments.php template with plugin

How can I override default theme/WP Core comments.php template with my own in the plugin? I searched for different solutions, but they don’t work for me. Or how to hook to the end of any post (even custom post type) to display my custom comments?

comments_number not displaying

Live site I’m using <?php comments_number( $zero, $one, $more ); ?> on home.php to display number of comments in the post-meta. Problem is, it’s not showing the number despite there being one comment on that post. Any ideas what’s causing the problem? Here’s post-meta for index.php: <div class=”post-meta”> <p><?php the_date(); ?> | <?php the_tags(‘tags:’, ‘, […]