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<!–nextpage–> assumed as comment line

I created very simple php loop which generates image links for given number. This is the code <?php $im = stripslashes(get_option(‘tm_alim’)); for ($i=1; $i<=im; $i++) { echo “<img alt=” src=’” . $i . “/00” . $i . “.jpg’ /> <!–nextpage–>”; } ?> As you can see i am trying to print code right after every […]

One comment per user email per post

i have this code to limit the comments per user. <!– #only one comment –> <?php global $current_user,$post; $args = array(‘user_id’ => $current_user->ID,’post_id’ => $post->ID); $usercomment = get_comments($args); if(count($usercomment) >= 1){ echo ‘Thank you for your comment’; } else { comment_form(); } ?> My question is: how can edit this code to check for the […]

Facebook comments widget – App ID

I have installed a Facebook comments widget that seems to be working just fine without the App ID. Is the App ID really necessary? What advantages will it give me if I add it?

Comments numbering on multiple pages

I have a problem with the numbering of my comments when they extend to more than one page. On the new page the numbering starts from again from 1. Also, on page 2 the pingbacks/trackbacks don’t appear anymore. This is the code I’m using in comments.php: <?php if ( have_comments() ) : ?> <h3 class=”com”><span […]

Get Comment Author ID on the fly while posting

I am adding custom data to custom table while author posting a comment. Please find my code in my own answer here add_action(‘comment_post’, ‘insert_gallery’); function insert_gallery() { global $wpdb, $post; $post_id = $post->ID; $wpdb->insert( $wpdb->prefix. ‘my_medias’, array( ‘post_id’ => $post_id, ‘image_name’ => ‘trial-image1’, ‘status’ => 1 ), array( ‘%d’, ‘%s’, ‘%d’ ) ); } […]

How to make all the posts commentable by default? Imputs in Settings/Discussions are not saved

I’ve modified my website quite a bit and now looks almost as I desire. I’ve set all the posts to be commentable in Settings/Discussions but it seems that this imput is not saved and new posts by authors are not commentable. Everytime, I need to “quick edit” the new post and mark the |_|Allow Comments […]

Comments not displaying after changing theme

The ‘Leave a Reply’ section at the end of my posts are not displaying after changing to the ‘The Morning After’ theme. Comments and reply sections are displaying when I revert to the Twenty Eleven theme. I have tried re-installing the theme but it is still not working. Example post at:

Genesis Child Theme Modifying Comments display

I’m using a theme which works with Genesis Framework. The theme is called pinsomo & I’m wondering how to “move” comments count div to the bottom of the post. Here is the demo: [[link has expired]] You see the comment icon next to the title. I want to move it to the heart icon.

<?php wp_list_comments(); ?> is it possible to have the full code instead in the comments.php page

I strongly need to edit some parts of the comments left by the users, I want to add a link to the commenter’s author.php page if he/she is a registered user by placing a text link somewhere next to his/her name. I’ve this code <?php wp_list_comments(); ?> but I wonder if it’s possible to have […]

how to get the top 10 popular blogs

Our wordpress sites have many many users, each of them have an blog account, they can write posts,comments and so on. Now I want to find out the top 10 popular blogs, according to or order by comments, or blog visite number, or manybe some other stands. Yes, I can find out the most 10 […]