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Change the HTML of the comment form that is generating somewhere from the core WordPress

The above is a snapshot where some classes and HTML arrangements(some flex and flexbox arrangements are needed) are generated by the WordPress → <cite class=”fn”></cite> <span class=”say”></span> but unless I put in some div arrangement I can’t implement the HTML design to my WordPress comment system → <div class=”some-class”> <cite class=”fn”></cite> <span class=”say”></span> </div> I […]

Separate comment section for post type in dashboard

I am creating a custom post type and I added the comment option for it. Now all the comments submitted in that post type are also added to the general comment section. How can I make sure the comment for a specific post type are separated from the general comments in the dashboard area?

How to dynamic Heart Like in WordPress?

I want to dynamic this heart like option in my blog section. The picture is given below. How can i do This? Thanks for help.

identify and delete spam comments from 3000 pending comments

i have a wordpress site that has more than 3000 pending and 0 spam comments. i want to identify and delete only spams. there are ways to delete all pending but i want to first identify spams and then delte them. There was no spam guard plugin earlier. I have just installed akismet. using wordpress […]

How to display html in only the first level of WP comments?

How would I display html code in only the first level of threaded comments? Example L1 Comment —-L2 Comment ——–L3 Comment L1 Comment I have a piece of html code that contains basically reads “Reply to (author name) or post a new comment” and only need it displayed on L1 comments.

How to add a strip of visual editor on top of comments textarea

My blog is WP3.1.2, theme: Twenty Ten I would like to add a strip of visual editor on top of the comments box (something like you see at the top of question box on this site). How can I do it WITHOUT PLUGINS? I have searched this site and the WP forums, but could not […]

Archive comment w/o moving to spam/trash

How can I archive a comment so that it doesn’t appear new, without moving it to spam or trash? The comment is interesting, so I want to keep it for myself, but not approve it.

Threaded comments not working

Hi I am trying to add threaded comments to my theme, I have enabled them through the admin settings. Allowing the “Reply” link to show, when posting a threaded comment it appears there is no ul id/class children. They seem to just be normal comments, I have read some tutorials and all say that when […]

WordPress comments and Facebook comments

I’ve just installed WordPress for a travel blog. I want the visitors to be able to comment with their facebook account or sign up as a subscriber to the blog (my mom for example doesn’t have facebook). I installed the “Facebook Comments for WordPress” plugin but the problem is that now the visitors can either […]

Hide comments column in WordPress backend

Is there a way to hide the comments column in the backend? When you look at the pages, there’s a comments column even though I’ve disabled them. I made WordPress into a CMS and it may cause some confusion.