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unapprove comments on custom post type

I have registered a custom post type and I want to unapprove comments by default on this custom post type without affecting the default posts/pages which is set to approve. I’ve looked through the CODEX but I can not find anything related to what I’m trying to do. I’ve found just how can I display […]

comments hooks on custom post type

First, this is what I want to achieve: I want to add a comments hook on a CPT which is asking users to be registered and logged in to be able to post a comment. And after the user is logged in to display two custom fields before the comment field. My discussion settings are […]

custom comment fields on CPT

I want to create few comments custom fields for my CPT and remove the default ones. I will have just two custom fields more exactly 2 radio inputs. Here is my code: function debate_comment_fields( $fields ) { if( is_singular( ‘debate’ ) ) { $fields[‘url’] = ”; $fields[‘author’] = ”; $fields[’email’] = ”; $fields[‘first’] = ‘<p […]

How can I grab and show the reader comments of my site

How can I grab and show the reader comments of my news site in a different page? Suppose, I have comments on a news site, into my posts. I want to show the comments (only the comments) into a different page of my site. How can I show all the news comments of my site?

After submit comments select the current tab

In my single.php I have 3 tabs one for description, others for comments and reviews my question is when I submit the comments, the first tab is always selected. My code: <div id=”product-information”> <div id=”tabs” class=”htabs”> <a href=”#tab-description” class=”selected”>Description</a> <a href=”#tab-comment” class=””>Comments</a> <a href=”#tab-review” class=””>Reviews</a> </div> <div id=”tab-description” class=”tab-content” style=”display: block;”> <?php the_content(); ?> </div> […]

Display custom text when comments are closed

When I close comments on a post it’s showing “Comments are closed”. Is there any way to edit this text and show a personal note instead of the pre-configured one? I would prefer to do this in a ‘universal’ type of thing, meaning that the same message would appear even if I change the wordpress […]

comments_popup_link() – how to load different classes/images according to different comment condition?

As the Codex says the syntax: <?php comments_popup_link( $zero, $one, $more, $css_class, $none ); ?> it’s clear that we can load different texts according to different comment conditions, like “Comments Open”, “1 Comment”, “2+ Comments” and “Comment off”, and additionally we can load CSS class to the portion. I want to load different images from […]

Can WordPress handle following functionalities?

Now i am planning a development of a new web site and searching for a CMS. I know WP not bad, but never tried to build a complex community information site using this engine. Among basic requirements there are following, i would call them “community”: – user-panel (user profile with settings, history of activity etc) […]

How to get the number of pages when paginating comments?

I want to display threaded comments via ajax using pagination. If I use this code to display comments for page 1 how can I know if there is something more to be displayed on page 2? If there is something I would display a link “get more comments” if not there will be no link. […]

How does “Your comment is awaiting moderation” work?

The question here is if someone could help me to make the comment “Your comment is awaiting moderation” work correctly for custom page. It works ok for standard WordPress page but not for my own page. I use native wp function get_comments() and wp_list_comments() to get and display comments. If I submit new comment that […]