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highlight “starred” comments by admin

I’m looking for a wordpress plugin, hook function or directions for these specific needs (I’m okay writing my own plugin): when moderating comments, a wordpress admin should be able to change its status (approved/pending/spam, like usual) and “star this comment” or set its status to a new status “approved and starred” These “starred” comments would […]

Author can only see own post comment and can moderate

I am trying to make things work like where author can see only them post comment in admin comment section and they can moderate as well. While admin should have all permission. I am having one code and working fine in all terms like showing only author’s post comment but it’s not allowing to moderate. […]

Can't seem to get this CSS to work…any ideas why?

I may be missing something really simple here, but I am trying to style the background to my disqus comments to a white color (like the blog post content area) but for some reason the background of the site is still overriding my styling. I have no idea why. Here is my styles.css…Does any one […]

Comments do not respect display_name setting, how to make plugin to overcome this

When I post something on WordPress, it’s posted with my display name. However if I change my display name, posts posted by me will be updated with the new author. Comments will stay with the old name. Since in my wordpress site comments are available only for registered users, and the display name field is […]

Posts vs. Pages

Okay so I’ve spent the last few weeks (on my spare time outside of work) creating a site for a client with a custom built theme. This is my first use of wordpress and the site can be seen here at I have a bunch of different static pages. For example, if you go […]

How to make a secure blog that is completely private?

I have a login safe application and it has hundreds of users. WordPress is a separate module of it and only used for blogging purpose [no other usage]. Both using the common database. The blogs are not for public but only for our users. Recently I am getting spam comments to our blogs and I […]

wordpress threaded comments – customize nested ul / how child ul is displayd

I just wasted 1 day trying to make wp threaded comments works… and I think I’m finally done!!!! except that it doesn’t work properly – well it doesn’t work the way I want ! 🙂 Child comments get displayed inside the comment li – I don’t like this behavior, I’d prefer wp to display it […]

Follow-up Comments Notification Without a Plug-in

I’m trying to find the code to insert in my Comments.php to add the functionality of “Follow-up Comments Notification” but I can’t find it. I can’t use a plug-in because it’s for a theme that I’m starting to develop for a client and he doesn’t want to use plug-ins. I know there has to be […]

Insert data on comment post

I am trying to find reference for comment_post to insert custom data to custom table when comment post. I want to insert below things to my custom table Comment’s Post ID Custom content (which will done with custom query) Can anyone please help me to do this?

comments_number display outside specified span

I want to display the number of comments a particular post has, so i thought i’d use comments_number, however when i use this the comment number gets printed outside of the span it’s supposed to be contained within. I tried using get_comments_number too, but that instead displays nothing at all. The code below has been […]