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Admin Dashboard – Recent Comments source

I need to see the source file for the admin dashboard widget that shows recent comments, can anyone point me to the exact php file that does this? I can’t find it anywhere on the codex or in google searches. Thanks

What is the earliest hook comment meta can be saved?

I’m trying to integrate a new security checker service into WordPress comments. My goal is to tell the service’s api to scan all links in a comment. My question is: what is the earliest (or most proper) hook to use to add comment meta keeping in mind that the goal is to automatically mark comments […]

Wrong IP address in comment section

I have noticed that the last few times in which I have linked to an old post of mine from my latest post, my IP address in the Comments section is wrong (sometimes my IP address appears in the form 192.x.x.x). Since I am not proxied or anything, why does this happen?

How to deal with spam comments and distinguish them from non-spam comments?

I have something like 10000 comments. They are probably all spam except for one or two. And they are all waiting for me to approve them. Is there a free solution to this issue? Thank you!

WordPress comment for virtual page

How to create separate comment section for all the virtual pages? Is this even possible? Do I have to create separate table to store the comments and do all the work myself or is there any alternative for that? If I have to create separate table, is there a way to use default wordpress functions […]

What is the point of get_comment_count() if you cannot limit by a comment type?

We are finding that large WooCommerce sites run very slow. Amongst many issues, this one has me scratching my head. WooComemrce stores order notes in the comments table, giving them a comment_type of ‘order_note’ and approving them immediately. They are linked to the orders so can only be seen by the shop administrators. Now, something […]

What's the difference with trash_comment and wp_trash_comment?

I don’t understand when I’m suppose to use trash_comment over wp_trash_comment. What’s the difference?

Customise Comment form

I am trying to customise the comment form so I can clearly edit the labels and style them. <?php comment_form( $args = array( ‘id_form’ => ‘commentform’, // that’s the wordpress default value! delete it or edit it 😉 ‘id_submit’ => ‘commentsubmit’, ‘title_reply’ => __( ‘Leave a Reply’ ), // that’s the wordpress default value! delete […]

Copy and Paste Password for Comments

One of my newer clients has an extensive WordPress blog (on SE I am a Joomla man) and I am sure there must be some reason behind this. For comments it asks you to copy a password – and then paste it! I can’t not figure out if this is a feature of WordPress which […]

Applying same style to all the comments on the page

I have this code below: #comment-1, #comment-2, #comment-3 { width: 70%; margin: 1em 0 0.5em 0; } This CSS is to format the comments for them to be 70% of the parent div’s width. I see where it breaks after 3 comments, how do I get it to apply to all the comments on the […]