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Log in link not showing, Comment Issue

We want user to register and then comment. So we, Checked the option of “Anyone can register” as true. Checked the option of “Users must be registered and logged in to comment” as true. Now, the problem is nothing shows up in a single post page below “Speak your Mind”. Here is the snapshot of […]

Show only if x comments?

Is there any function that will show some content only if there are more than x comments ? For example show some banner only if more than 10 comments are in post ? Thanks 🙂

The comment login form is visible to me but not to the user

I am beginner in wordpress & i am working on my own blog ( ). Right now i am facing an issue with the comment form. The comment form is visible to me & it’s work fine but is not visible to the user. Check this I want a comment form like smashing […]

unregistered user can write in blog page – possible? how to?

I’m working on a site wherein the owner wants people(potential real estate clients) to be able to write their home-owning hopes, dreams, desires, etc. I’m thinking something similar to the functionality of comments, like a live-feed testimonials page? My question is how do I facilitate this? I’m not too concerned with spam right now, just […]

Turning off trackbacks & comments

We have a few different websites running various versions of WordPress that have comments and trackbacks turned off, yet I still receive emails saying there’s some waiting for me! I’ve turned them both off in the admin area and also removed the comments box completely yet I still get them, how can I fully turn […]

Auto-fill Custom comment fields

Thank you for reading, I added custom fields to the comment form, and saved the input in the DB, following this tutorial Now i’d like the meta-fields in the comment form to auto-fill after the user has commented once. Just like wordpress does with the Name, E-mail and Url; once you’ve commented the value […]

Making a Comment on a page without being on that page?

I have a built a WordPress site that enables comments on pages and I am using them as reviews, what I would like to do is for someone to be able to make a comment on a page without being on that page. On the link above, the top right, there is a link […]

How to make comment text field un-required?

My requirements are bit different I was able to hide email and website field with filter but what I want to know is there a way to make comment text un-required when I am giving comment without comment text area filled its giving me error that comment is required please guide me how i can […]

Is WordPress vulnerable to “comment posting forgery”?

I recently scanned my WordPress site using 6scan’s security scanning service. It reported a high severity vulnerability: “WordPress comment posting forgery”. Technical details from 6scan: The 6scan report says “CSRF vulnerability in allows malicious users to make fake posts”. It says the affected URL is /wp-comments-post.php. When I click the 6scan report’s link for more […]

Facebook plugin shows existing comments

Installed the official facebook plugin and seems to be working. The problem is that existing comments are still visible (with default style) above facebook comments form. My comments.php is empty now and I see this. (Sorry about greek text, no time to change it). I emptied it because I know there is no merge possible, […]