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Enable nested comments in Theme

I am trying to enable nested comments in my theme. I am new to all this stuff but I am doing my best. This is the code that I have in my comments.php <?php if ( get_comment_pages_count() > 1 && get_option( ‘page_comments’ ) ) : // are there comments to navigate through ?> <nav id=”comment-nav-above” […]

Batch approve comments

Akismet went crazy and sent several hundred comments to spam. Right now, I have to manually mark each comment as “Not Spam” and then manually move all of them from Pending to Approved. Any way to do this in a more efficient way?

linking to an svg through comments_popup_link

I want to remove the text in the comment section and replace it with svg which falls back to png. This is my code so far <?php comments_popup_link(‘<object type=”image/svg+xml” data=”images/comment.svg”><img src=”./images/comment.png”/></object>’, ‘1 <object type=”image/svg+xml” data=”images/comment.svg”><img src=”images/comment.png”/></object>’, ‘%<object type=”image/svg+xml” data=”./images/comment.svg”><img src=”images/comment.png”/></object>’); ?> I don’t see anything wrong with my code plus my i have chmoded the […]

Showing recent post of category in page

Any ideas, how I should do this: Recent post (with comments) shown in page? I need fixed url that shows the most recent post, style should be same as in normal one post? Can I use somehow single.php and loop.php? EDIT: Simple example(?): I want single, recent post same way as single post, but […]

Comments_template doesn't work

If I use comments_template(); it does not work at all. But if I change it to global $withcomments; $withcomments = 1; comments_template( ‘comments.php’, true ); it displays the comments template but I need to setup the Disqus plugin, and the plugin does not work. I don’t understand, getting comments to display is being incredibly difficult […]

Adding comments section to website integrated WordPress instance

We’ve integrated a WP instance into our website, and I was wondering how to render the comments template into the page. I’ve tried simply adding: comments_template( ”, true ); But it doesn’t seem to work (also there are no errors shown). I guess we are missing some includes and inits. Any help would be appreciated.

oEmbed does not work for comments

I’ve got two websites, a staging and a production one. They have 99% the same setup and are hosted on the same server. They are multi-site WP installs. The issue that I’ve been trying to solve all morning is this: On one website oEmbed for comments works fine, but on the other one it does […]

counting trackbacks, pingbacks and comments of a post

I wish to display the number of trackbacks, pingbacks and comments a post has. I’ve read all about them and I am wondering if there is a simple solution, that I am not seeing, available. I know that wp_count_comments (trac line 1188) searches in WPs cache before making a database query and I want to […]

Two textareas showing up in comments.php

I have the following code to display comments, but there are two text areas showing up, not just one. Here is my code <?php $comment_args = array( ‘title_reply’=>’Got Something To Say:’, $aria_req = ( $req ? ” aria-required=’true'” : ” ), ‘fields’ => apply_filters( ‘comment_form_default_fields’, array( ‘author’ => ‘<div class=”grid-1-3″>’ . ‘<input id=”author” placeholder=”Name (required)” […]

How to Define Custom Number of Items in Comment Feed

Seeking a hook or code to override the Reading-Settings value for Syndication feeds show XXX items specifically for the comment feeds. Ideally I’d want to roll into a plugin I can network activate on a multiuser site. I am using Feed WordPress to syndicate in comment feeds from about 100 student blogs on a multi-user […]