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Fastest way to get the comment and ping total count for a post

I’m making my own comment template (like this) and I need to know how can I get the comment and ping count for the current post, maybe using a fast database query or something like that? Note that I can’t use count($comments) or anything like that, because I’m not running the default comments_template() function which […]

Get a total count for all comments and display result

I would like to find out the number of comments in total I have and display the number on my website.

Display the number of user comments

I would like to display, on the author/user/contributor page, the number of comments the user has posted, and the number of comments he has received on his posts. Is it possible? Thank you !

Change comments form title on a page by page basis

I’m looking to change the comments form title (my theme defaults this to “Leave a Comment” or “Leave a reply to”). I thought perhaps I could add a hook to comment_form_defaults but my snippet below isn’t working… any thoughts? <?php add_filter(‘comment_form_defaults’, ‘askQuestion’); function askQuestion($defaults) { $defaults[‘title_reply’] = ‘Ask a Question’; $defaults[‘title_reply_to’] = ‘Your text %s’; […]

Recent comments on author page?

I’m creating an author.php page and I’d like to show comments as well as posts from a custom post type. I already have the list of posts but I’m looking into an efficient way of displaying the most recent comments from that author as well. So far I haven’t found anything except widget and bloated […]

Comments vs. Pingbacks next page issue

I have a really annoying problem. If there are no comments, comments won’t show up. If there are no pingbacks, won’t show up. However, if there are pingbacks and I have a lot of comments, so there’s a page 2, page 3 etc. of comments, then the following happens: The pingbacks show up properly on […]

Pagination Comments Doesn't Show

what im trying to accomplish is adding a pagination to my function for comments. I think im on the right track with my code but I need some guidance. <?php $comments = get_comments(‘number=24&amp;amp;status=approve’); $true_comment_count = 0; foreach($comments as $comment) : ?> <?php $comment_id = get_comment(get_comment_ID())->user_id; ?> <?php $comment_type = get_comment_type(); ?> <?php if($comment_type == ‘comment’) […]

How can I assign a specific id to the last comment of a post

I am fairly new to WordPress and I am currently designing a template for a client of our company. However, I need to assign a specific id to the last comment of a post. Basically I have my own function that is called on the callback of wp_list_comments(). this is due to the fact that […]

Making Comments Editable?

How would I make my WordPress Comments Editable? I tried using an Ajax plugin that take them to another screen, but it’s not as nice as I would like. For example, I just want it to re-open the initial comment box and allow them to edit their comment for at least 30 minutes after a […]

blank page after submitting a comment

I was testing a new website with Chrome (latest build), everything working fine (no new plugin installed during the test) when suddendly when I try to post a comment, after pressing the “reply” button it stops on a blank wp-comments-post.php without posting. I am testing on localhost with MAMP. The funny thing is on the […]