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SQL query to delete comments older than 90 days?

I’m working on a site that has 150,000 comments with an obvious hit in performance; is there an SQL query that can delete all comments older than say 90 days? They’re not spam comments, and they are all approved; they’re just too numerous. And: what about bulk changing all posts older than 90 days to […]

How to integrate CLEditor to comment system?

I would like to improve the comment editing for user by adding a simple WYSIWYG editor, and I selected CLEditor as possible good candidate because it is light, customizable and jQuery based. I searched if it already exists a plugin that implement it but I was not able to found any. So I decided to […]

WordPress Comment. Need some details of wp_comments DB table

Today I was doing some research on wordpress comments. I am looking for making a Comment Type which I can use as a review on wordpress custom post type which I use for business directory listings. Looking at the wp_comments table of wordpress Here is the table fields. Please fill me up for the purpose […]

Remove post navigation links

I’m using my own Theme, i’v read this references. For comments I’m using comments.php template which is located in my theme folder, but there isn’t code in comments.php which create navigation links, actually between header and main content.

WordPress 'comment counts' got messed up, because of a plugin – DISQUS

I use wordpress and disqus plugin, when user add comment, after few minute, disqus agent will update wordpress database (wp_posts,wp_comments …etc),but when administrator delete comment, disqus will not update wp_posts’s comment_count and wp_comments, I can’t get accuracy comment_count and comment counts got messed up, how could I get accuracy comment_count of every post ? Thanks. […]

How can I hide the IP of registered commentators?

There is already a related question at How do I turn off wordpress comments ability to capture a users ip address? But is there a solution to do it for users/mods/admins only? So that normal anonymous visitors will have their IPs stored but registered users not.

Is it possible to embed github gists in wordpress comments?

Is it possible to embed github gists in wordpress comments, I have seen a few plugins which allow embedding gists in posts, but not yet seen any plugins that allow embedding gists in comments.

How to configure WordPress + plugins to support these commenting features

Is it possible (and if so, how) to configure WordPress blog to support these feature for user comments? I want to use built-in comments, not 3rd party services like Disqus. If something cannot be achieved by configuring WordPress itself please suggest plugins that can achieve the following: 1 + 2) Every user that would like […]

Comments system doesn't like International domains

Morning all, I’m trying to work out why the commenting system thinks .au, .ca and a couple of other international email address are being treating as invalid. Any ideas?

Disabling archives, search results, comments, etc?

I am working on a site that has only text articles, and I am not making use of comments, archives, trackbacks and other features. How can I make so these pages show a 404 not found error? I am not linking to those pages from my theme but it happened to me in the past […]