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How / where is the wp_query object created for RSS feeds?

Looking at the code in feed-rss2.php and feeds-rss2-comments.php, after the header preamble, we have a Loop – eg in feeds-rss2-comments.php: if ( have_comments() ) : while ( have_comments() ) : the_comment(); $comment_post = get_post($comment->comment_post_ID); get_post_custom($comment_post->ID); Where is the wp_comment_query object being created for this loop? What I’m doing (following my question yesterday), is creating 2 […]

recent comments filter by author, page, category

is there any way to display recent comments in a widget area only for one page? = Comments that are belongs to one page. comments of one category but not from admin ( or some other user ) I want to have two widget on my home page 10 last comments for one page 10 […]

Default Gravatar not showing for pings

Here is my comments block: <div id=”comments”> <?php if (have_comments()) : ?> <h3><?php printf(_n(‘1 comment’, ‘%1$s comments’, get_comments_number()), number_format_i18n( get_comments_number() ), ” ); ?></h3> <div class=”comment_list”> <?php $comments_by_type = &separate_comments($comments); ?> <?php if ( !empty($comments_by_type[‘comment’]) ) : ?> <ol> <?php wp_list_comments(array(‘callback’ => ‘commentslist’, ‘type’ => ‘comment’)); ?> </ol> <?php endif; ?> <?php if ( ! […]

Users moderate own comments

Im putting together a portfolio site and have come across something that i would like to implement, but im unsure of how i can set around doing it. Basically as the site stands now (in development) the user never has (or will have) to access wp-admin to change any of their details, they can do […]

Display last comments on home page

Is there a way to select and display the last X approved comments regardless of which posts or categories they belong to ? I just want to show on my home page the last comments added on my site, but I can’t find anywhere how to do that.

Page comes up blank using w3 total cache

Im using the W3 Total Cache plugin on my site, and I made page using the wp_list_comments and for some reason the page keeps coming up blank, it comes back after I disable the plugin but when i enable it everything goes blank again does anyone have a suggestion on how iI can fix this, […]

create separate page template for wordpress comments

I would like to know how to create separate page for comments with pagination ? like archive page or index page IE: someone is on my blog and wants to see all comments e.g.

How to remove the “comments” bit that appears next to or below the posts

I am modifying the Seven Five theme to fit my liking more and this is what I have. What I want is to remove the “X comments” below the “Posted on” bit. However I just can’t find which file to change. I have tried blog.php and index.php but none of them is the correct one. […]

Allowing accounts on a self-hosted install

Hopefully a basic question, but one that plagues me nonetheless. I have a couple of self-hosted WordPress installs on my website. An issue that I have is that I have common users registered for each site….however some of them feel its a pain to have to go through the signup process each time, and have […]

How can I restrict changing the max nested comment levels option to super admins?

I have an older theme that I’ve modified to support threaded comments. I would like the individual admins in my multisite install to be able to choose whether threaded comments are enabled. However, I’d like to restrict the ability to choose the maximum number of levels to super admins. Looking at the capabilities, it seems […]