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Is it possible to embed github gists in wordpress comments?

Is it possible to embed github gists in wordpress comments, I have seen a few plugins which allow embedding gists in posts, but not yet seen any plugins that allow embedding gists in comments.

How to configure WordPress + plugins to support these commenting features

Is it possible (and if so, how) to configure WordPress blog to support these feature for user comments? I want to use built-in comments, not 3rd party services like Disqus. If something cannot be achieved by configuring WordPress itself please suggest plugins that can achieve the following: 1 + 2) Every user that would like […]

Comments system doesn't like International domains

Morning all, I’m trying to work out why the commenting system thinks .au, .ca and a couple of other international email address are being treating as invalid. Any ideas?

Disabling archives, search results, comments, etc?

I am working on a site that has only text articles, and I am not making use of comments, archives, trackbacks and other features. How can I make so these pages show a 404 not found error? I am not linking to those pages from my theme but it happened to me in the past […]

Top Commenters: exclude admin

I’m using the following code in my function.php to display the top commenters in my theme: function top_comment_authors($amount = 5){ global $wpdb; $results = $wpdb->get_results(‘ SELECT COUNT(comment_author_email) AS comments_count, comment_author_email, comment_author, comment_author_url FROM ‘.$wpdb->comments.’ WHERE comment_author_email != “” AND comment_type = “” AND comment_approved = 1 GROUP BY comment_author_email ORDER BY comments_count DESC, comment_author ASC […]

Ability to leave comments broken

At some point, my readers were able to add comments on both the main (front) page of my site and from the post pages as well. Without any obvious change to the configuration of my site, the comment form has disappeared from my article page and, when I click the link from the front page […]

Change order of comment fields

Is there a way to display the comment field first and then the Name / Email / Website fields? I am using <?php comment_form( ); ?> in my theme. I am not looking for a CSS solution.

Comments feed – Undefined named entity: ndash

I used to have a rss comment feed at the url /comments/feed which doesn’t work anymore. I checked the feed on feedvalidator and I’ve an error line 111, column 29: Undefined named entity: ndash [help] The line in question is comment where the content is <guid isPermaLink=”false”></guid> <description>Ou mettre des &ndash; à la place des […]

Allowing logged in users to comment without moderation across a multisite installation

I currently do web admin for an internet community based on BuddyPress and Multi Site, and use the Comment author must have a previously approved comment setting to make it easier for users to comment and not be moderated. All users are vetted before their accounts are created so I know we don’t have spambots. […]

Get a variable field of all comments of current post

How to get a variable comment field of all comments of current post? I want to display all (for current post) comment user website url in to current post. Thanks for help.