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WordPress comment reply link image

I’m currently setting up comments for a WordPress theme I’m created, I have just successfully created nested comments but I’m having issues removing the word ‘reply‘ from the reply button in order to use an image via the css. The code I’m using at the moment for the reply link is as follows: <?php comment_reply_link(array_merge($args, […]

action wp_set_comment_status never gets fired when i change the comment status

I want to run some code on comment status change so using the action wp_set_comment_status but it seem to never fired when comment status gets changed. I am using wordpress 3.3.1. Here is a simple code which doesn’t work for me: add_action(‘wp_set_comment_status ‘, ‘update_business_rating_avg’); function update_business_rating_avg($comment_ID, $status){ update_option( ‘business’, ‘checked’ ); } There was a […]

disable defaault wordpress comments from a plugin

I am modifying the facebook comments plugin to my purposes. What I’d like to do is have it remove WordPress native comments automatically if it is enabled- in fact what I’d really like it to do is use the WordPress comments settings in the item itself and/or general settings to decide whether it should show […]

Attach File Funcion for Common people

How can i allow my visitors that they can attach files like word text pdf with their comments or can allow attach file to register users is their any plugin or any other way for achieving this task ?

Comment moderation on custom post types

I know that I can require all of the comments on my site to be moderated, but is there a way of forcing moderation for a specific custom post type (i.e. my CPT “species”) whilst allowing instantaneous comments across the rest of the site? Thanks in advance,

See some statistics about the comments

Is there a way or a plugin so that I can see statistics for may comments and commenters? Like top commenters, most commented post, etc. Thanks, Alex

infinite loop on page with comments after changing comments.php and header.php

I am using version 3.3.1 of wordpress but I’m following a tutorial that used version 2.7. After changing my header.php and comments.php code, I’m getting an infinite loop when I view the single post page with comments. Here is the change I made in the <head> tags in header.php: <?php if(is_singular()){ wp_enqueue_script(‘comment-reply’);} ?> <?php wp_head(); […]

Give subscribers the option to post anonymously

I’m looking for a way to allow subscribers to post or comment anonymously. Basically it would be a checkbox at the end of the comment form, exactly like beyond the shock. Any ideas?

disable reply comments on depth equals 2

Using budypress and I’m trying to disable comments on comments’ comment, meaning depth 2. The structure would go like this. Main Comment. Someone made a comment <– Reply is possible Another person made a comment of this reply <– No1 can comment this Any ideas? Thanks in advanced.

How to get post id of last approved comment?

Can you help me with something simple? How can I get the post id of the last approved comment? I want to assign it to a variable. Thanks so much in advance!