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If modified on same day, show only time

I have a date on each post and comment which shows the date of placement. If I edit it, it shows me the date of the post and the modified date. That’s fine, but now, I want to show only the post date AND the TIME of the modified date only if the post is […]

User's total comment count excluding comments on their own posts

I’m currently working on a plugin that I hinted at here and so far I have managed to code everything, only missing one piece of the puzzle. This is how I get the total comment count for the current_user: global $wpdb, $current_user; get_currentuserinfo(); $userID = $current_user->ID; $where = ‘WHERE comment_approved = 1 AND user_id = […]

Display User Role Next To Comment

I’ve search around but I can’t seem to find exactly what I’m looking for and for the first time I don’t even know where to start. How do I display the user role (Admin, Editor, Author Contributor, Custom) next to a registered user’s comments? With a condition to display something else if they’re not a […]

Display comments on a comment page without form

I’m using this to allow me to display my comments for posts on category pages: <?php $wp_query->is_single = true; comments_template(); $wp_query->is_single = false; ?> However I don’t want to display the comment form. Is there a way to display the comments only on a comment page?

Related Links Page with moderated, user suggested link submissions

Updating an old dinosaur of a site to WordPress (3.5.1),   one of the more popular pages on the old site is a “Related Links” page with links for and about kids. (e.g. fitness, nutrition, education, bicycle safety etc.).  We frequently receive email from teachers all over the U.S. indicating that — as the result of some […]

How to allow logged in users to post anonymously

I’ve been searching and searching for a while now to see if there’s a way to allow people who are logged into my site to make a post as “anonymous” or as their screen name, an ideal additional option would allow comments on that post to be made as anonymous or their screen name as […]

ol children instead of ul children

I’ve created a new walker class to display a custom layout when using the wp_list_comments(); function and this is perfect, the only thing is that all replies to one comment are listed in a <ul> – <ul class=”children”>. I would like these to be in an <ol> bracket. Is there any way to change this […]

Changing “submitted on date” of comments

How do I change the “submitted on date” of a comment to an earlier date? I want to change the date that is displayed to the readers. As far as I know, I can change the date of the post by clicking the “quick edit” option. Is there something similar I can do with comments?

Creating a plugin to sanitize comment and the url field before display only

I want to create a plugin to sanitize comment and mainly the url field before display only (not before adding to database), to filter the url fields and only allow displaying this field only if it contains specific data, otherwise I want to replace this url field with something safe or clear it. ( i […]

Custom Post Type Set Comments ON by default without show METABOX

I’ve created a new custom post type for a specific posts. The posts from my new custom post type, have – by default – set the comments to “off”. I need to the comments to be “on” by default. In my functions.php file I have this: ‘supports’ => array(‘editor’,’comments’) and function default_comments_on( $data ) { […]