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Adding a comment link to the top of every post

By default, all of the posts on our WordPress install have a post comment link at the bottom of the post. How can we add one at the top?

How do i remove approved spam comments by date?

Need to remove 1000 spam comments within a data range without removing legit comments

How do I make Twenty Ten display comments on the home page?

The site is I want any comments to display on the home page. How can I achieve that, please? Johnny

JetPack comment threads are displaying above comment box?

As you can see in the attached image ( my JetPack comments are rendering above the Discuss box. How do I go about moving them down? When I look in Chrome Inspector there doesn’t even seem to be any Class or ID for me to latch onto to bring them down. In my theme I […]

Empty comments field or <15 characters

I would like to hide/lock the submit button to prevent comments with 15 characters or less for subscriber and contributers in the comment section below postings/pages. It should automaticly be visible/unlocked as soon there is an input of >15 characters. (Prevents also (if possible at all) sending users to the error page if there is […]

Editing custom fields for comments

I need help with why the save function is not working in the edit_comment hook. Here is the code for the ‘comment_post’ hook: add_action( ‘comment_post’, ‘save_comment_meta_data’ ); function save_comment_meta_data( $comment_id ) { if ( ( isset( $_POST[‘private’] ) ) && ( $_POST[‘private’] != ”) ) $private = wp_filter_nohtml_kses($_POST[‘private’]); add_comment_meta( $comment_id, ‘private’, $private ); } And […]

How indicate when a functions was upgraded in relationship to the entire program

for inline documentation there are those @somethings for some php documenter, when there is the common @since @version and so on. I have a lot of functions that are all part of a big package. But what if i want to indicate when i last updated a function and show on what version of the […]

Modify links in user comments

When a link is posted in a comment, the format is : rel=”nofollow” Using a function, how can I change that to : rel=”external nofollow _blank” So the links open in a new window?

ask and edit an extra comment field

I have been trying for two weeks to add a edit custom meta field to the admin edit comment form. I managed to show the field in the form, but it can’t get it to update. I would also like to add this field to the registration form and profile. this is what I have […]

Highlight comments made by registered users of the site

How can I highlight comments that have been made by registered users of my blog?