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how should the comment form really work?

taken on someone elses code and trying to get a clear understanding of just how the comments forms should work. they’re being used as feedback for someones visit to the venue, so not as a comment on a post like normal wordpress installations. the comments form looks custom, but i think its fairly standard and […]

custom comment_form fields not displaying

My ideal comment form will have 3 fields- Name, Location, Comment. I’m using the following bits of code- comments.php <?php comment_form( array( ‘fields’ => apply_filters( ‘comment_form_default_fields’, $fields ), ‘comment_notes_after’ => ‘ ‘, ‘title_reply’ => ‘Please feel free to share your home owning hopes, dreams, or concerns?’, ‘logged_in_as’ => ”, ) ); ?> functions.php <?php function […]

stumped on add_action hook to delete_comment – any ideas?

I’m trying to run a function when deleting a comment. This entails hooking into “delete_comment” if I’m not mistaken. Theoretically, this should work as a plugin, so when you delete a comment, it emails me. But when I install and activate it, nothing happens when I delete a comment. I hard coded the email function […]

Pull comments from one page/post into another page/post?

I am creating a facebook app via wordpress but some how need to pull the comments off my homepage and insert them onto another page, essentially what I am trying to do is duplicate the homepage with a different url/page name. I have mananged to do so easily but I need the comments as well. […]

How do I get a array, with the right order of the nested comments?

array (size=10) ‘comment 0’ => array (size=2) ‘comment_id’ => string ’22’ (length=2) ‘parent_of’ => string ‘0’ (length=1) ‘comment 1’ => array (size=2) ‘comment_id’ => string ’23’ (length=2) ‘parent_of’ => string ‘0’ (length=1) ‘comment 2’ => array (size=2) ‘comment_id’ => string ’24’ (length=2) ‘parent_of’ => string ‘0’ (length=1) ‘comment 3’ => array (size=2) ‘comment_id’ => string […]

Can I create a new comment type?

I want to add different custom fields to comments that belongs to different user group, and display different types of comments in different ways. But WP has some default comment types that shows the type column probably is not for this job. Would anybody make this clear for me?

I need to disable Disqus comments pre-approval, but i can't find where

I’ve tried contacting Disqus support but they haven’t answered. I need to disable pre-approval for comments but i can’t find where to set that option. Could anyone help me? Thanks.

How to use filter on comment submission/insert

I am working on a small project for my family to share info, recipes etc. And I added a “@” mention feature. Now that the mention feature works I need to notify the user they were mentioned. I thought that the WP comments already kind of do this and since my family would be getting […]

Make email not required comments.php

I need to edit my comments.php to make emails NOT required. I’ve attached my code below, I understand that I need to get rid of $req and $aria_req from my email field, but as the site is live I don’t want to try and make any changes without doing it properly. Thank you! $author_name = […]

Get the latest comment from a custom post type where depth = 1?

Happy new year everyone. I’ve been struggling with this one for a while. I need to get the latest comment from a custom post type, but ignore any child comments i.e. only look at comments with a depth of 1. I can get the latest comment from a custom post type using: $args = array( […]