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disable comments if array exists

This is the code which is registering the function for rewrite_endpoints(): function wpa121567_rewrite_endpoints(){ add_rewrite_endpoint( ‘comments’, EP_PERMALINK ); add_rewrite_endpoint( ‘stats’, EP_PERMALINK ); } add_action( ‘init’, ‘wpa121567_rewrite_endpoints’ ); NOTE I don’t know if this matters but I will write it. I have single-CPT.php which is calling /inc/post-format/single-CPT.php like this: <?php while ( have_posts() ) : the_post(); ?> […]

using comments_template() in custom single-portfolio.php

I am wanting my users to be able to post comments on my portfolio page. Ive created a portfolio page using custom posts. On my blog i am using the comments_template(); and then on the comments.php i have the code. On the blog side it works 100% But when I add the comments_template(); on the […]

Add class to comment form div when comment-reply button is clicked

I’m using the comment-reply script to move the comment form under thread when replying to a specific comment. Comment form is being displayed in theme with: <?php comment_form(); ?> The comment form output: <div id=”respond” class=”comment-respond”> I’d like to add a class to the div ONLY when it’s a reply and not a new comment. […]

To whom do emails get sent via the WordPress comments form?

I am working on a WordPress 3.9.1 site, specifically the comments form. I have a copy of the site on my server and I want to test the form in the following three ways: Adding a new comment Replying to a comment Replying to a reply of a comment To do so, I want to […]

“comments.php” not available after edit in WP administration

In the theme “Point”, the page “comments.php” is not translated properly. I wanted to translate the labels manually (to french) in the WP administration editor but when I update the file, the comments doesn’t appear anymore on my website. Yet, I only changed the labels. Any idea about what am I doing wrong? Is this […]

Disqus comments and pingback script – how to change the order?

I am using the “modular demo solution without wp_list_comments()” for showing trackbacks and pingbacks next to Disqus comments. And I would like to know how to change the order of output? With these script, the trackbacks/pingbacks are placed above the comments. I would like to place them below the comments. Can anybody help me with […]

API Hook for After Commenting (for sharing on Facebook)

I’m working on a site that has comments enabled, with no moderation. After commenting on a page, your comment shows up on that page, and I’ve added a Facebook share icon below each comment that allows you to share “” (or whatever your specific comment ID is). You could also potentially share someone else’s comment […]

Editing WordPress comments : generating comment from selection

On my website, I would like users to comment using a list, which will then generate a comment for the user. For example, the comments section will have a multi-select box asking ” which part of the article did you like?“. The select box will list the sub headings of the article. After the user […]

How to enable visual editor when editing comments on the dashboard?

For editing a comment in admin pages the editor is only html, can we modify the edit comment page with a filter to include visual editor too?

Commenter should see only his comments in wordpress

I’m building a site for a research and my participants will be all logged in to use the site. I would like to make these participants able to see only their own comments, so other users’ comments will be hidden. I’m using the comments.php file with, among other things, this simple code and a callback […]