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Allow admin roles to add images to comment replies

this may be a step too far but I publish occasional tutorials on my personal blog and sometimes in comments get asked questions where an image would be very helpful to include as the answer. I’ve done a plug-in search and also looked for code but come up with nothing. Is there any way I […]

Hide Trackbacks/Pingbaks if none exists

I managed to get my comments numbered and then to separate the comments from the pingbacks and trackbacks. The only problem I have now is that I don’t want to show the title of this section (where the trackbacks/pingbacks are) unless there are any. This is the code I’m using in comments.php: <div class=”pingback”><h3>Trackbacks/Pingbacks:</h3> <?php […]

I don't have comments.php… how do I customize my comment fields

My page in question is here. I have tried to add a comments.php to my custom theme so I can remove the website field and so I could edit the default values of the fields and remove the labels. When I add a comments.php all of my comments disappear and the comments are no longer […]

How to delete ALL comments from certain category in WordPress database?

I’m trying to delete all comments from posts in a certain category in a WordPress database. The WordPress database is rather complicated so this must be probably some join of wp_posts, wp_comments and wp_term_relationships as the categories are not stored with neither posts nor comments. How can I do this? I’m struggling to come up […]

My posts show 2 comment forms

We have a WordPress site,, hosted on GoDaddy. We recently upgraded our virtual server’s Linux operating system, which involved rebuilding the site from a backup. Now I our single posts are displaying TWO comment reply forms. I’m sure we only had one comment reply form per post before. I don’t know how this happened […]

Is this a wordpress bug? get_comment_link auto shoots when user visits his dashboard

If user is editor, this function auto-shoots when user visits his dashboard! How is this possible? This function should only work when user successfully posts comment, so what is happening? could be wordpress bug? function redirect_after_comment($location) { //This should run only when comment is confirmed. But for user level Editor, this function auto shoots! } […]

How to output number of comments with link to comments

If there are comments, I want to wrap the amount eg “5 comments” in the link to the comments section of the post, but when I add the echo for comments_link it errors. <?php comments_number( ”, ‘<span class=”comment_meta”>With:</span> 1 Comment’, ‘<span class=”comment_meta”>With:</span> <a href=”‘echo . $comments_link(); . ‘”>% Comments</a>’ ); ?> Think I’m having trouble […]

How can i change the order of comments?

I like to have the latest comment shown above. Just under the post. Now the oldest comment is shown. How can i change the order? With regards, Albert

Comments screen in backend, how to disable visual editor when replying to a comment

I’m almost done to create my project with WP and all the steps taken have brought me almost to the finish line. The following recent answers I had were able to help me customizing the comments area: Comments screen in backend, how to disable Quick Edit | Edit | History | Spam | for non […]

Comments turned off, but 'Leave a reply' link still there

This question already has an answer here: “Leave a comment” link even when you can't 1 answer