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How can I transfer followers from to a self-hosted WordPress?

Recently, I performed a domain migration from a domain to a self-hosted solution. The primary complaint was the loss of followers gained through WordPress ( ) I don’t see any plugins that Automattic has released to allow similar functionality to “Subscribe” and “Like” content on self-hosted blogs, so it’s feeling more and more […]

Sharing Ad Revenue among Users of a Multisite in a Collaborative Model?

Is anyone aware of some functionality to share the revenue among the users of a Multisite? A multisite lets other people create and mainatain their own blogs. The Multisite owner should able to share some percentage, say N% (like 20%) of revenue on the sub-sites hosted. Example: You are that owner of a Multisite on […]

How to develop a community feature in the dashboard for multiauthor site

I run a WordPress site that has more than 300 authors. Is it possible to create some type of community in the backend (dashboard)? Ideally, a space where the authors can discuss with each other in a thread type of system, with admin news and so on. The closest thing I could find was the […]

Where can I propose a new plugin?

I have an idea for a new plugin. Where can I propose the idea for the plugin so that someone might pick it up? p.s: I won’t be willing to pay for it (it is not that important to me), but I still think it is a cool idea. I am also not going to […]

Contributing to the community

I have recently found myself with some time on my hands and with no problem of my own, I would like to solve someone’s problem. I’d like to contribute to the WP community how best would I be able to do this? I would like to contribute in way of code. I can take a […]