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Is there a good Q&A platform to integrate into WordPress?

I think my audience is more capable of answers each others’ questions than I am. I need a system for them to do that and I’d like it to integrate with WP so I could use their existing usernames and accounts. Do you know of a good solution?

Disable comments for a user?

Is there a way I could ban a registered user from posting comments, thus converting them to a read-only mode temporarily? Ideally I’d like this to be a set-it-and-forget-it solution (ban user for 2 days, then they are unbanned automatically 2 days later). I have comments open to registered users only, sitewide. I have searched […]

Facebook-like Notification Plugin for WordPress Community Blog Sites?

I am a member of a community blog site run by WordPress engine. But I often feel that if there were a notification system like Facebook tracking the site would be much easier. I know about the notification emails and RSS feeds but those do not serve the whole purpose. I need to have notification […]

Allow Users Only Edit Their Profile?

We want to create profiles for individuals/companies which would allow them to login to the backend and adjust their profile. So essentially the admin of WordPress would have access to all pages and profiles but the individual/company would only have access to their profile page – which they can then update. Where do I start […]

How can I transfer followers from to a self-hosted WordPress?

Recently, I performed a domain migration from a domain to a self-hosted solution. The primary complaint was the loss of followers gained through WordPress ( ) I don’t see any plugins that Automattic has released to allow similar functionality to “Subscribe” and “Like” content on self-hosted blogs, so it’s feeling more and more […]

Sharing Ad Revenue among Users of a Multisite in a Collaborative Model?

Is anyone aware of some functionality to share the revenue among the users of a Multisite? A multisite lets other people create and mainatain their own blogs. The Multisite owner should able to share some percentage, say N% (like 20%) of revenue on the sub-sites hosted. Example: You are that owner of a Multisite on […]

How to develop a community feature in the dashboard for multiauthor site

I run a WordPress site that has more than 300 authors. Is it possible to create some type of community in the backend (dashboard)? Ideally, a space where the authors can discuss with each other in a thread type of system, with admin news and so on. The closest thing I could find was the […]

Where can I propose a new plugin?

I have an idea for a new plugin. Where can I propose the idea for the plugin so that someone might pick it up? p.s: I won’t be willing to pay for it (it is not that important to me), but I still think it is a cool idea. I am also not going to […]

Contributing to the community

I have recently found myself with some time on my hands and with no problem of my own, I would like to solve someone’s problem. I’d like to contribute to the WP community how best would I be able to do this? I would like to contribute in way of code. I can take a […]