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Is wordpress 3.3.1 compatible with PHP Version 5.2.17?

Exactly what it says on the tin, I am having a few problems with my site after a server upgrade and some of it has started to trip out. A lot of my code has also stopped working, despite it doing nothing fancy, mostly just loops and ifs just wondering if because a lot of […]

can we modify wordpress plugin version value to avoid update warning?

Since plugin updates might bring some unexpected issues to the compatibilies. Is it recommended to modify plugin version value to fool the wordpress plugin update system if priority is to turn off plugin out-of-date warnings from wordpress backend ?

Replacing mysql_escape_string in a custom plugin when moving to PHP7

I have a custom developed plugin for a wordpress website that is an online car community on php5.6. I didn’t develop the site originally but am now the custodian. I have limited programming knowledge. My plugin has about 6 lines in various places like these: $title = mysql_escape_string(stripslashes($_POST[‘title’])); $content = mysql_escape_string(stripslashes($_POST[‘article’])); return mysql_escape_string(stripslashes($_POST[$value])); I need […]

Is there a WordPress version that is incompatible with PHP 5.3?

Is there some decent information available which WordPress versions do not support PHP 5.3? I mean the more recent ones like 2.9 / 3.0 / 3.1? I’m only concerned about the WordPress core codebase, not plugins. I’ve run WP for most of the time on PHP 5.3 now. But some servers are still on PHP […]

How a deprecated function can crash WordPress site while upgrading

It is said that deprecated functions used in plugins & themes can crash a wordress website while upgrading to newer version, I want to see an example of deprecated function that can cause a crash. Can someone show me an example? Many Thanks!

Which themes do you use to test compatibilities with your plugin

When developing a plugin, I usually test it with the following themes before public release: TwentyTen by Automattic TwentyEleven by Automattic Coraline by Automattic Duster by Automattic Hybrid by Justin Tadlock News by Justin Tadlock Prototype by Justin Tadlock Retro-fitted by Justin Tadlock Responsive by ThemeID PageLines by PageLines Buttercream by Caroline Moore Catch Box […]

Installing jQuery plugin to wordpress theme (Incredible)

Ok so here is the plugin in question I’m trying to integrate it on the homepage of my wordpress theme (incredible bought from themeforest) After reading up on wordpress enqueue script and all that stuff i want to do it the right way from the start. functions.php snippet: i just added 2 lines here, one […]

Walker_Nav_Menu exeption

I’m currently working on a WordPress site and whenever in the admin I go the Appearance > Menus page I get the following error: ErrorException: Runtime Notice: Declaration of Walker_Nav_Menu_Edit::start_lvl() should be compatible with that of Walker_Nav_Menu::start_lvl() in wp-admin/includes/nav-menu.php line 203 It seems like some sort of PHP compatibility issue. I’m running PHP 5.3.10 on […]