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How to change compression of WordPress uploads including original image

We are currently using this to change the compression used on jpgs when uploaded to the WP media library: add_filter(‘jpeg_quality’, function($arg){return 75;}); However, this does not compress the original image. We sometimes need to display the original image on our website and this also needs to be compressed. How do we do this? Thanks in […]

Autogenerated Thumbnail compression depending on size

This is a follow up to this question, in witch the jpg compression is altered depending on what WP’s built-in image resulting image size returns. While it may work for most of the people, i’m looking for a more discrete and automatic approach. And that is altering the wp_create_thumbnail i think. The point is this: […]

Cannot access my wp-admin after installing Gzip compression

I have installed a WP Plugin called Gzip Compression to increased the speedpage and had an awful surprised: have no access to the website at all, giving me an error of invalid form of compression, and the worst thing is that the website is not displayed in the Intenet for two weeks now which is […]

Theme compression/ minifying or W3 Total Cache – which should I use?

I run a WP3.x Multisite setup. One of the themes I use on a site has options for minifying, using Gzip compression and using data URIs for images (not sure what the latter function is or does). In the past, I have used W3 Total Cache, in combination with Cloudflare. What is the best practise […]

Image increasing kb on resize

I’m trying to compress an image on upload, but it turns out that wordpress is creating 7 more copies of the image and one of the its more large in kb than the original one. (original has 15kb, resized has 90kb) I was wondering what could be causing this. Current using Compress PNG to WP […]

Google PageSpeed Enable Compression isn't working?

I am trying to improve pagespeed of my website. When I test my site it tells “Compressing could save 188.3KiB (70% reduction).” I have W3 Total Cache installed and enabled gzip compression. But still it’s showing the same issue. How can I edit compress this file as it’s out of my control. Can anyone […]

ERR_CONTENT_DECODING_FAILED: How to fully delete gzip compression plugins?

I disabled plugins by: UPDATE wp_options SET option_value = ” WHERE option_name = ‘active_plugins’; and also renaming the plugins folder to something else. I am still getting: This site can’t be reached The webpage at might be temporarily down or it may have moved permanently to a new web address. ERR_CONTENT_DECODING_FAILED I did have […]

How to keep WP from recompressing Full Size images

I have noticed that WP does have the bad habit of recompressing Full Size images during uploads. I mean, it does make sense creating several smaller versions of each uploaded image, applying a default 90% JPEG quality setting, but why compressing twice also the Full Size images, as they are fine just as they are? […]

How to set the jpg image compression for specific thumbnail sizes?

This question was asked on Set JPEG compression for specific custom image sizes and answered very nicely by Ahmad M I’d of course comment to that thread but I don’t have 50 point reputation… The code I’m using is pretty much the same as in Ahmed’s answer, but the problem I’m still facing is if […]

How do I edit the htaccess file to optimize my website?

Hi I have tried to optimize my website for a cpl of days but I cant seem to get it done. This is how my .htaccess looks like: Header unset ETag FileETag None # Hantera och redirecta användare till en gemensam error-sia ErrorDocument 404 /psych/cgi-bin/error/error?404 # BEGIN Compress text files <ifModule mod_deflate.c> <filesMatch “\.(css|js|x?html?|php)$”> […]