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get_bloginfo prints IP instead of url

I just recently moved a site to another production environment and I seem to have missed some setting in the db config as a lot of the built-in functions prints the IP instead of the url. Ideas? Tried switching site_url and home under wp_options table from IP to (which is set to default to […]

Move wordpress files to sub-folder

I am following this guide. Step 1 Create the subdirectory for the new WordPress installation with your File Transfer Protocol program. Step 2 Log in to your WordPress website with the administrator username and password. Step 3 Click “General” on the dashboard on the left side of the screen. Change the address to the […]

How to visit php file in my custom directory under site root directory

I hope to create a directory wp-mybiz as same level as wp-content, wp-admin, and wp-includes under site root directory to collect my business logic codes. But if I try to visit php using url, it get raw php file rather than html file generated by this php. Any wrong to configure apache, wordpress, or […]

Automate configuration after new/hosted installation

Lets say I launch a new WordPress site at a hosted provider such as WPEngine. As I start to configure my site (install a template, install plugins, create layout and content for my pages, etc.), is there a good way to record what I’m doing in code or otherwise codify and centralize those modifications so […]

How to combine javascript files without plugins?

I remember (it seems…) there was a way, maybe some config option, to combine/merge javascript files (for production sites). I mean just with vanilla wordpress code, not plugins. Am I wrong? If not, how to? Can’t find reliable infos.

Cannot access WordPress website from external IP while internally it is working properly

I have setup a small website using LAMP (Raspbian) and WordPress. No domain name will be registered for the website. For the moment I am accessing the site from inside the local network. To access the site I just hit the IP address of the server (internal). I want to access the site from outside […]

How do I make WordPress “Page” link in the top nav bar go to an external URL?

I would like the WordPress page link as shown here go to an external URL instead of going to page. What is the best way to set this up? I’m running WordPress 3.1.3. Thank you.

Default plugin config to override wp_options?

I have a few plugins that I always set the configuration for exactly the same way. Every time I create a new site, the same plugins go in, and the same amount of time is needed to set them up. Would it be possible to create a config file that overrides whatever wp_options are set […]

Repeatable configuration package

It’s normal that a developer or a shop will spend several hours on each project running the same configuration options (for permalinks, SEO options, user roles, plugins that you always use etc.). I’m coming from Drupal, where installation profiles have allowed me to preconfigure a set of configuration options that I can replicate across dozens […]

get_pages and number – no output; no errors;

I am attempting to get 3 pages from the parent page (id is 2035). I am using wordpress 3.2.1. Here’s my relevant code: <div id=”videos” class=”contentLeft”> <?php // get the three most recent videos (2035 is the video page) $recentVideos = get_pages(‘child_of=2035&number=3’); foreach ($recentVideos as $video) : ?> <div class=”video”> <h5 class=”video-title”><?php echo $video->post_title; ?></h5> […]