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Per site configuration

I’m building a custom theme that I will reuse on more than one site and would like to be able to configure some things from the admin. For example setting the Twitter and Facebook pages links without hardcoding them in the template. What’s the best way to do this? Should I put them in wp-config […]

Override Current Theme Setting in wp_config.php

I am looking for a way to override the currently selected theme, preferably from within the wp_config.php file. I know you can override some wp_options settings in the config like define(‘WP_HOME’, ‘’); This will override the ‘home’ option in the wp_options table. There is an option called ‘current_theme’ that stores the name of the currently […]

Putting main WordPress blog under a different folder name

I want to use WordPress primarily as a static page CMS for a small business site. I want to use the “pages” feature for most of the pages on the site, except for a news blog, for which I want to use the blogging part of WordPress. So I want a structure like this: […]

How can I make wordpress suppress mysql errors?

WordPress has two functions related to SQL queries and their errors as mentioned in What Is The Difference Between suppress_errors() And hide_errors() in $wpdb? From what I’ve read setting WP_DEBUG to false in wp-config.php will set hide_errors() so that mySql errors aren’t show – but if the site can’t connect to the database you’ll still […]

Where should I add the necessary code to add an extra attribute to the kses allowed tags array?

In trying to post an article on one of the new SE blogs, I came across the following problem. I’m listed as an author which means that my abilities are somewhat restricted. In particular, I’m not allowed to post arbitrary HTML, rather my entries are sent through the kses parser first. This seems a Good […]

Alias domain to Multi-site installation in Apache

This is regarding to set an Alias domain to Multi-site installation. We want to create a short domain as alias to my main website(Multi-Site enabled).I have tried it using a most common options like… 1)Creating cname records, 2)pointing to main installation location as addon domain 3)Domain parking When we try the first two options it […]

Declaratively Configuring WordPress in XML or JSON or YAML

Couldn’t find this on Google… Is there any handy way of fully (or partially) configuring a WordPress site (plugins and all) using XML/JSON/YAML/etc? In general, I’m looking for a highly-readable, declarative way of setting up WordPress and to minimize having to deal with PHP.

No configuration file found and no installation code available. Exiting

I am getting the following error when I try to access my WordPress website. It was working quite fine previously. Could anyone help me on this. No configuration file found and no installation code available. Exiting…

Can I configure WordPress to use postfix without a plugin?

I am developing a WordPress site on a vagrant box and have installed postfix in order to test email notifications. At this guest OS (Ubuntu) level, I am able to end a test email: echo “Test mail from postfix” | mail -s “Test Postfix” my@email.address This works and I receive the email. As far as […]

Steps to debug on a blank screened wordpress install

I’ve been given an old WordPress installation to setup on a new server. After setting wp-config.php and the values for the URLs in the db, wp_options.siteurl and wp_options.home (the usual process I do for something like this) I just get a blank screen on Safari, on Chrome I get The website encountered an error while […]