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AJAX Contact Form Issue

I created a contact form for my sidebar that is working perfectly in Chrome but not in IE or FF. I’ve been staring at it for hours and can’t find out what I did wrong. I’m not getting any errors anywhere, but when I submit it in FF or IE, it logs “nope” in my […]

How to change the contact info at the bottom of my theme

Im currently using the Spina theme for my website and at the bottom of the page above the footer it has a section with the headings “contact us”, “receent posts”(It’s actually misspelled like that), “meta”, and “tags”. The contact us section displays info that I have never entered. Like for the email it lists […]

How can I send to multiple Contact Form 7 recipients based on form input?

We are running a competition whereby we need to send emails out to email addresses that are entered on a form. I’m using Contact Form 7 to do this. I thought this would be straightforward but the form will not accept the syntax of: [friend1-email], [friend2-email], [friend3-email], [friend4-email], [friend5-email] In the To or Bcc field. […]

Add contact form

I want to add contact form to my page. I found article where (see below) there is button for adding contact form but I don’t have this in my WordPress installation. Do I have to add some plugin or what? I use wordpress 3.3.1.

Recommendations for requesting quotes?

I have a tab in the header having named Request Quote. In my experience I have not yet used a quote functionality. Please provide me any help or any link that will be helpful for me. Is there is any plugin or something else? I need your ideas and suggestions. I shall be very thankful […]

How do I embed a Javascript form directly into a page?

I have a new WP install with the Jupiter Theme installed. I have a contact form created in Sharpspring, a CRM that purports to work perfectly with WP, and automatically generates embed codes for plugging into any page. I’m no JS whiz and can’t figure out how to get the form to actually embed. I’ve […]

How to get current user's phone number

I’m trying that : <?php $phone = get_user_meta($current_user->ID,’phone_number’,true); echo $phone; ?> But it’s not working

other shortcodes in Contact form 7 MAILS

How to use other shortcodes inside Contact form 7- forms? indeed explains how to use other shortcodes inside Contact Form 7 forms. But that doesn’t make them usable in the mails that Contact Form 7 sends on submission of the form. How do I make them work there too?

Obfuscating Email Addresses in Form Fields

I’m writing a WP Theme where registered users can email post authors sending them en email from the post’s page itself. So I created a contact form in which I get the user and author infos and emails and I put them in hidden input fields to pass them to the php mail function. Does […]

using 1 form shortcode (si or cf7) for all multisite sites

I have a network with more than 50 sites. I want to create one contact form (which means one shortcode) using contact form 7 or fast secure contact form. Then, I want to use that shortcode on all the 50+ sites so all sites use the same form. The problem is that when I try […]