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Is it possible to create a contact form without using a plugin?

I am going over a tutorial for WP and in it, the instructor is able to add in a contact form field from a menu option “Add Contact Form”, I do not see this on 4.2.2. Is this possible to do without using a contact form plugin for this? Edit: After scouring the web, I […]

Contact form don't send Email

I just recently created a website with WordPress and I’ve added a contact form, I used the plugin Contact Form 7. Except, it does not send email to the administrator when applying the form. What do you think ? Thanks for your help.

PHP- Why is my contact form keep showing it is invalid?

I was working on contactus.php form. I am not testing whether the email will be sent to our account. However, my objective is when the form is invalid, it will reload the page and redirect user back to the same page while if the form is valid, it will redirect user to contactthanks.php What is […]

Contact form sender email

I’ve spent huge amount of hours on Google and can’t find the solution. I am using WordPress and I want to find some plugin or any other solution which can do the following: When user sends contact form on my website I receive it on my Gmail but sender email is default WordPress email. I […]

Jquery contact form to send mail to admin

I’m propably going to need to use some form of Ajax here. But i’m pretty new to the Ajax usage withing WordPress. It is about the following. I have a WordPress contact form that uses Bootstrap Validator and some Javascript to have a nice feel to it. I used the contact from from codepen and […]

WordPress Emails & Contact Forms

I have a WordPress website and I am not receiving emails that are being submitted using contact forms. I have tried several contact form plugins, I even tried a custom contact form I coded myself with no luck. The forms were working at one point but we always had issues with the Contact Form 7 […]

How do I add the same contact form to multiple wordpress sites and capture the response in one place or database?

I own a network of 100+ WordPress based websites. All website are separate installations of WordPress and are on different servers. I would like to create one contact form have it shown in the sidebar all of my WordPress websites and capture the responses in one database (instead of getting 100’s of emails). Ideally the […]

Salesforce lead tracking with contact forms plugins

I am using Contact Form 7 on my website and would like to integrate Salesforce lead tracking with it. I was able to add a hidden field with my oid as suggested on this site But when I submit the contact form after adding this, it just gets stuck and never actually returns. As soon […]

how to insert a HTML form into a javascript popup?

I’m working on a plugin that generates a list of candidates as output. For each candidate there is a link (View Details) that once is clicked, a popup appears. I need to put a simple contact form into that popup, so when a visitor click on the candidate’s link, the popup appear and the visitor […]

Trying do build a contact form

I have some problem making my contact form work. The contact form should only be in one simple site. So i created two templates. The first template only has the form. The other one have the php code to send a mail. But i cant make the form contact the other template Here is the […]