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How to make search and replace in content through php

I actually can show content and change content while displaying post. Problem is that I am using RSS importer and after importing I want to make search and replace and correct data imported because I know what is wrong with it. <?php add_action(‘pmxi_saved_post’, ‘post_saved’, 10, 1); $my_post = array( “ID” => $id, “post_content” => “1”, […]

Reusable content block

There is a content block that I wish to put on certain pages. This content block needs to be managed in WordPress. I’m not sure where it should be situated in the admin. It’s not really a custom post type, i.e. it doesn’t have any sub posts. It’s literally just a block that contains a […]

Eliminate render-blocking JavaScript and CSS in above-the-fold content

I am optimizing speed of my website and fixed all issues except “Eliminate render-blocking JavaScript and CSS in above-the-fold content“.I have gone throgh many solutions but not resolved till now.

Disable external (3rd party) CALL (images,fonts..) in Dashboard

I want to disable to load any 3rd party content (,, etc…) while i work on localhost. is there any CONSTANT (i.e. disable_3rd_party ) or etc, that will do that? i need it because sometimes i work on localhost and in dashboard, that makes calls longer ( when internet connection is too low or […]

Batch process: remove first image from post content

I already added a featured post image to all my posts (>1000). Some posts (around 700) still have an image at the beginning of the post content. Now I need to remove all images which are right at the beginning of the post content. I need to leave the images untouched which are not at […]

How to customize tag and category post listings to show introductory content?

In wordpress, we allow google to index our category and tag pages. We don’t use no-index for tag or categories, which results very high ranking in a lots of keywords and we are receiving very high traffic from google. We also use WordPress SEO for SEO. We don’t have so many control on the content […]

Conflicting post edit options under dashboard

My dashboard( It is multisite Installation ) section for pages and posts conflicts with options when there are morethan 5 data fields . For example : I have these things under my Posts section in dashbpard : Title Author Categories Tags Comments Date Forum-Linked Featured Because of these many fields these options conflicts each other […]

content gets scrambled

Every time someone edits our blog the content is displaying all wrong. It looks perfect in the wysiwyg editor but when you publish the page the content is completely wrong (pictures displayed next to each other etc. How to prevent this? example link

Collapse content

I’m searching for a way to show/hide some content on a page. There a several plugins which do that for me, but they all show the content directly below or in the shortcode and that is not what I want. I have an button where the user can click on. That button is in a […]

WordPress theme options vs custom post types

For dynamic content across a WordPress website, is it a better practice to create new post types for updating content or using theme options? I personally find theme options a little more time consuming to code than registering a new post type in functions.php