Articles of content restriction

Hide everything on site for visitors except specific page IDs

I have a client who wants to close down access to the entire site, every post, category page, archive etc (while keeping the content), except for three specific pages (Start, about us, contact). None of the membership plugins seem to address this, only logged in roles? I feel like this is the most simple thing […]

WordPress stripping html and script tags from some admin users on save

When I add content to a page as the original admin user, I can past in the following code and it saves fine (old google search set up by another user): <form action=”” enctype=”application/x-www-form-urlencoded” id=”searchbox_001294947689528032268:0gmklvjoyzm” method=”get”> <input name=”cx” type=”hidden” value=”001294947689528032268:0gmklvjoyzm” /> <input name=”q” size=”40″ type=”text” /> <input name=”sa” type=”submit” value=”Search” /> <input name=”cof” type=”hidden” value=”FORID:0″ […]

Restrict PDF links

How can I restrict only the PDF files that I uploaded through FTP, I copied the link of each PDF file and created buttons in WooCommerce, I can Restrict the Page/Post but not the PDF. I want users to login to be able to view the PDF files. I would appreciate the support.

Allow access on a page to just only a specific member

I am trying to create a membership site on WP where each members will have access to only specific pages created for them. I mean just a member is allowed to view content on a page while that page is restricted to others. I just to grant on a member access to a page. I […]

Restrict access to specific users

Is there a built-in function that would allow me to restrict access to registered users until the official launch date in WordPress 3.4.2? The blog is self-hosted.

Restrict access to post if it is currently being edited

On a platform with many Editors, the problem that I am experiencing is that two editors proofread the same post simultaneously (and disregarding the warning notice about someone else currently editing the post). Is there a solution where I can restrict access to a post if it is currently being edited by a different user? […]

Removing WordPress Plugin Menu Item for a specific user

I want to remove certain dashboard menu times for a specific user. Now this menu consist of plugin menu items as well. One particular plugin I want to hide from the user is Contact Form 7. Here is the code added to the functions.php file to hide the menu items: function remove_menus() { global $menu; […]

Restrict certain posts from being sent to the feed subscribers

Is there any way to restrict certain category’s posts or certain posts from being displayed into site default feed after published? I’m asking this because I don’t want few specific categorie’s posts to be sent to my feedburner subscribers. I think preventing them from displaying into site feed will also prevent them to be sent […]

Restrict post edit/delete based on user ID and custom field

I’ve been able to prevent deletion and editing of posts based on user ID and page ID however, I need to restrict access to editing and deleting based on a custom field. Not sure how to go about doing this. Current working code for restricting user ID from editing/deleting based on page ID: function restrict_post_deletion($post_ID){ […]

How can I limit functionality in one version of a plugin?

I am busy writing a plugin with a free version and a paid, Pro version. For our initial release of both versions, I want to keep things as simple as possible, so I would rather defer using a strategy of a very extensible free version, with hooks implemented in a Pro version; I will give […]