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Custom plugin development get help context to work in WP 4.3

I am stuck with the help tab for a custom plugin. In the past i used //ADD HELP INFO // add_action(‘contextual_help’, array($this, ‘my_plugin_help’)); and now i am trying to convert the plugin help part with add_action(‘load-‘ .CUSTOM_POST_TYPE, ‘my_plugin_add_help’); function my_plugin_add_help() { wp_die(‘it works!’); $screen = get_current_screen(); // $screen->add_help_tab(array( ‘id’ => CUSTOM_POST_TYPE, ‘title’ => ‘Plugin help’, […]

Help migrating from joomla to wordpress

Greetings I hope are well, I have a problem migrating my joomla site to wordpress 3.3 4. these are the steps I did: 1- uploaded the wordpress to the server where I have the web with joomla 2 create a database for wordpress 3 install plugins FG joomla wordpres and to fill the data. but […]

Proper context for wp_remote_post()

I would like to use wp_remote_post() within a function to send an HTTP Post Request to a php script inside a plug-in. I’m successfully posting to the plug-in script, but having trouble with the context of the request. In functions.php: function post_to_plugin($name, $email) { $plugin_url = plugins_url( ‘/my-plugin/db-insert.php’ ); $form = array( ‘name’ => $name, […]

Issue with contextual help overwriting existing content

I’m missing something here: function page_help($contextual_help, $screen_id, $screen) { if ($screen_id == ‘page’) { $contextual_help = ‘ <h5>Shortcodes</h5> <p>Shortcodes help</p> ‘.$contextual_help; return $contextual_help; } elseif ($screen_id == ‘post’) { $contextual_help = ‘ <h5>Post help</h5> <p>Help is on its way!</p> ‘.$contextual_help; return $contextual_help; } } add_filter(‘contextual_help’, ‘page_help’, 10, 3); The code is inserting into the correct […]

Where can I edit Admin Panel Page file

I need to edit the “Help” section of the “Page” page in the Admin panel. Since wordpress doesn’t allow multiple line breaks I need to make sure the user knows that if they add the “” tag in the HTML section they will achieve the line break so I figure what better place to add […]

Custom metabox field help tips popups

Is there anything built-in to core that displays a little (?) icon next to admin-side input fields (custom metabox input fields, for example) that provide tooltips or a contextual help popup when rolled over? I thought I saw something like that once, but it may very well have been specific to a plugin. Any thoughts?

Instructions/Rules Inside Text Area

I know it is possible to change the “Enter Title Here”. But is there’s a function to add text (“how to…”, “simple rules to post…”) inside the post text/input area! Any help?

How to remove contextual help on WP 3.3.2?

How to remove the contextual help and its tab completely from WordPress v3.3.2? The add_filter for contextual help that used to work like wonder on older version no longer work now. Update: (trimmed solution from Chip Bennett) function wpse50787_remove_contextual_help() { $screen = get_current_screen(); $screen->remove_help_tabs(); } add_action( ‘admin_head’, ‘wpse50787_remove_contextual_help’ );

How to add a help tab to all admin pages – including plugin pages

I have working code which adds a help tab to all screens in the admin which already have help options or a help screen – however, screens which don’t have contextual help – such as the plugin I writing, also don’t recognize the add_action call – how can I ensure that the help_tab appears on […]

How to control contextual help section by code?

I had added some content to contextual help section for plugin options page. Now I’d like that page defaulted/toggled to contextual help section open on specific condition in my PHP code. My only issue is that I am not strong with JS and don’t see clear approach to coding that (I know how to pass […]