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How do I properly code my footer? See example

I would like to code this footer code: <p class=”mh-copyright”><?php printf(esc_html__(‘Copyright &copy; %1$s | Made by %2$s’, ‘mh-magazine-lite’), date(“Y”), ‘<a href=”‘ . esc_url(‘’) . ‘” rel=”nofollow”>Dev</a>’); ?></p> So my footer will look something like this (plus Terms of Use and Privacy Policy has hyperlink with “_blank” target in them): Copyright © 2016 | Made by […]

Right click&copy images: protection

I saw there’s a WordPress plugin that prevents people from using right click on text or images, called WP Protect. I was wondering if there’s a way to hardcode it into WordPress instead of using a plugin. What I’m worried about is mainly the images. Being able to mark text is perfectly fine with me. […]

Copyright: Get first and last date of post type

I was searching for the easiest/fastest way to get the accurate date range for copyright notices in the footer. The copyright notice shouldn’t only contain the year, but as well take month and day into account and consider the post type. So a custom post type of “Event” could have a different copyright date range […]

Stop Images Linking to Themselves?

I have images on my website which I do not really want stolen, I have a no right click plugin which will help, and I would like to stop people clicking on the image to display it on it’s own in a browser window. I understand that anyone can access the source code and find […]

How to secure the release of WordPress plugins / avoid copying plugins?

I’m new to the WP arena and considering doing some plugin development. In releasing a WordPress plugin, how do you keep from the plugins getting distributed to those who haven’t genuinely purchased the plugin? I guess I’m not entirely clear how plugins like Software Licensing for Easy Digital Downloads keep users from copying the plugin […]

What do you put in child themes author tag?

What is the common practice in authoring child themes ? I mean, if I make child theme of some free theme should I put myself as author or should I keep the name of the original themes author ? I searched quite a a bit but unfortunately couldn’t find clear answer.

Do we have rights to edit the source of the templates which are in

I want know about is, can we edit the source code of themes which can be download in Do we have rights to edit the source code and, add our own copyright to footer?

How do I create a dynamically-updated copyright statement?

I’d like to find an optimized, WP_Query-safe method for generating a dynamically-populated copyright statement for the bottom of my themes. That is to say, I’d like to check the date (by year) of my oldest and newest posts and then output something along the lines of [blog name] &copy; [oldest post year]-[newest post year] [primary […]

WordPress themes under GPL license

On a themes site they stipulate, in the terms and conditions, that their themes inherit the GNU general public license from WordPress. I believe that this means that they can be copied and modified. However the themes are being sold. Shouldn’t they be free? Could someone enlighten me.

What happens with GPL license when commercial elements are added to it?

I want to make a commercial product for resale.. One of the components of the product will be a wordpress theme. The theme will be a heavily reworked variant of a GPL licenses theme. So, I understand that as the theme is GPL, that means it must carry the GPL license, even after it is […]