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Create a Page template selector page

I’m running around with an idea in my head that I would like to make but I don’t really know how or where to start. In a custom theme I had to make serveral templates for one of my clients. I noticed that I had around 20 possible templates for my client (because he wanted […]

A thin line between native wordpress bahaviour and 3rd party themes

Bear with me as i try to learn WP. Lets say we have a 3rd party theme were the route of the request is somehow like this. Root theme index.php diverts to a nother php file which decides what page to go next depending on the themes settings. then it gets diverted to a master […]

How long do users stay logged in if they DON'T check remember me?

As the title states, I’m wondering how long users stay logged in if they don’t check the “Remember Me” option. I’ve heard that if they DO check it, it keeps them logged in for 14 days. But what if they don’t? I’ve tried closing my browser and opening it back up, but the user stays […]

Where's the explanation of the TinyMCE's vars in the WP core?

I am modifying my TinyMCE editor for my users, and I’m using the example in the docs as a starting point. function my_format_TinyMCE( $in ) { $in[‘remove_linebreaks’] = false; $in[‘gecko_spellcheck’] = false; $in[‘keep_styles’] = true; $in[‘accessibility_focus’] = true; $in[‘tabfocus_elements’] = ‘major-publishing-actions’; $in[‘media_strict’] = false; $in[‘paste_remove_styles’] = false; $in[‘paste_remove_spans’] = false; $in[‘paste_strip_class_attributes’] = ‘none’; $in[‘paste_text_use_dialog’] = […]

Unabled to Change Permalinks – Even Using the “Edit” (Resets to Original Permalink on “Update”)

I have tried everything in every post I have been able to find about changing permalinks for existing posts and pages. I have gone to settings and change the permalink structure in hopes that it would reset it. This had no effect on “Pages”. If I change the title do “Page Title”, then click the […]

What do WordPress auto updates include?

Ok so I know according to WordPress’ own article on this that the core gets security auto updates since 3.7. But my question is does that include all security fixes? I.e. if I have a site that does get auto updates say version 4.0 are there any security benefits to updating to 4.6?

Where does wordpress gets its core and plugin updates

The context: I have a customer for whom I’ve installed WordPress in an internal network, behind several layers of the firewall. I need to have this WP installation updated on a regular basis The machine where it’s installed is behind a proxy (all proxy parameters are set in WordPress) But in order for my WP […]

How to resize WordPress images on upload to specific height and width without cropping it

I need to make WordPress resize automatically images on upload to fit a particular width and height. (say 300px by 400px) I know the add_image_size() function but it doesn’t seems to fit my needs. The image is either resized but it keeps his ratio or it is resized to the desired width and height but […]

Best way to salvage a very old WP site

I have a client who’s in a situation with her website: her ex-husband owns the hosting company and won’t let her have FTP or any other server access, she still has dashboard access, she wants to move the site to another hosting provider, and the site is on version 3.5.1. – hasn’t been updated since […]

getting notifications about updates only in the “core” page

I run a few WP sites and keep track of updates on a daily basis. Normally, I go into the Plugins page and check if there are updates to the installed plugins accordingly. Lately, I’ve found out that even though this page doesn’t show new updates, when I go into the “/wp-admin/update-core.php” page, suddenly there […]