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Get list of registered or enqued styles? looking for filters or actions

Where can I get the list of styles about to be printed? What i want is to either filter the list, doing what i want with each, then return empty list. Or do an action that recieves the list, then i can remove_action the print_styles. Something like that, anyway. I’m creating a css minifier concatenizer.

Login Button CSS

I’m trying to find the Login button CSS code. I tryed this topic, but i think the path has changed after wordpress updated: Any can show me where is it? Thank you

How can I hide Home in my menu in a specific page?

I want to how can I hide the home in the menu without setting show_home in functions.php to false, I just want to do is hide it in a specific page. How can I do this? I am using the Twenty-Eleven Theme.

Custom colors for post rows based on post meta value

I’m trying to have the post background colors change depending on a meta value for the specific post type rather than using the post status. Looked everywhere and can’t find a solution. (perhaps there isn’t one?) Specifying post colors based on post-status is simple enough add_action(‘admin_footer’,’posts_status_color’); function posts_status_color(){ ?> <style> .status-draft{background: #FFFF98 !important;} .status-pending{background: #FFFF98 […]

How does a Child Theme works?

I created a child theme and installed it but I don’t know how exactly it works! For example, in the parent theme I have the code below: .header { margin-top: 10px; margin-bottom: 10px; width: 300px; height: 150px; background: white; border-width: 5px; } And I want to not include the width: 300px; , the background and […]

Add a class to post title if a link ends with a certain extension

I am using a Page Links To plugin that allows me to link the post title to an external web page, rather than to the content of the post. And I link some of the post titles to external pages, and others – to pdf files, stored in the uploads folder of my site. I want […]

Layer post title on top of image WordPress featured thumbnail image

I’m currently trying to layer a post title on top of the posts featured image but all I see at the moment is “);”>” instead of the image. The code I’m using is as follows: <div style=”width:609px;height:364px;background-image:url(<?php the_post_thumbnail(); ?>);”><h2><a href=”<?php the_permalink() ?>”><?php the_title(); ?></a></h2></div> And here is the CSS for the H2 style article h2 […]

Media Uploader in custom path

I am creating a CSS generator in my WordPress theme and I want to be able to save custom skins with images as well. My problem is that I have a hierarchy like /skins/custom-skin/images for the uploaded images, but as you know the WordPress Media Uploader puts them in the uploads folder by default, sorted […]

Disable child theme css on certain pages

I have activated child theme and would need to completely disable the child theme css on certain pages, leaving only the parent theme css. How can this be done?

WordPress Displaying Thumbnails Vertically

WordPress is displaying my thumbnails vertically and VERY LARGE. Specifically it’s displaying WooCommerce product page thumbnails vertically and VERY LARGE. Can’t seem to figure out why or what piece of code is responsible for this happening. I already went into WordPress settings > Media, and made sure thumbnail sizes were correct at 150×150. Also tried […]