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Import users once a day without a plugin

I need to import users to my WP database once a day. So I have a script that runs once a day to do an action. The problem that I’m having is that I’m a little over my head on this one. Another company provides me with userdata in a .csv file. I then need […]

'pre_user_query' interfering with user export

I needed to add sortable columns to clients wordpress for custom meta data I created so I used a pre_user_query hook add_action(‘pre_user_query’, ‘user_column_orderby’); function user_column_orderby($user_search) { global $wpdb, $current_screen; if ( ‘users’ != $current_screen->id ) return; $vars = $user_search->query_vars; if(‘Kön’ == $vars[‘orderby’]) { $user_search->query_from .= ” INNER JOIN {$wpdb->usermeta} m1 ON {$wpdb->users}.ID=m1.user_id AND (m1.meta_key=’gender’)”; $user_search->query_orderby […]

import user info csv

I want to import user information using csv file. I use BP-Groups-Import-User plugin. The challenge is to add column first name and last name in csv file but i can not get the value to store. my table is | email | first name | last name | moderator | admin | +————+————+———–+———–+——-+ | | […]

Import CSV to MySQL, with custom registration field information

I have to update the information of 1500 members of my clients WordPress site. I’m using a membership to manage paidd subscriptions and I have to update the custom fields generated by this Plugin. I have looked in the MySQL database and found the following meta keys in the wp_usermeta table: paypal_user, paypal_status, paypal_custom_fields Pyapal_user […]

Download full html page with CSV export plugin

I am making a csv exporter plugin for my own need. But the problem I have is that, it download whole page as html when I click Export button. Here is my code. Please help me to slove this problem. This script work perfectly as a php application. Thanks in advance! <?php /* CSV Exporter […]

Creating a CSV with PHP inside the plugin directory

I am trying to develop a method in my admin panel that will allow for the creation of a CSV file within the plugin directory Here is my code: where $amount is the next increment of filename calculated beforehand (if 1.csv and 2.csv exist, then create 3.csv) this calculation works fine as I have tried […]

WordPress CSV Importer takes a long time to finish

I have created a lot of custom CSV importers for WordPress in the past and I have come across issues related to the time it takes for them to finish processing. Whenever the importer starts running, it starts off importing a lot of posts per second but this speed keeps decreasing and I am trying […]

Feed format for woocommerce

I am using woocommerece for my website. I get product feed from different suppliers in excel format with different information in different columns (no consistency in product attributes such as price, title, image, stock etc.). Each time I get the feed, I need to adjust (do manual things) the csv to import to woocommerce and […]

Export WordPress Table to CSV from page

I want to export my members table to csv format on my default download location. So I used a shortcode in functions.php and called it on a page. I am getting an already sent header warning and csv file is not exported but data is printed on the screen with header already sent error warning. […]

Pulling Data from CSV vs. pulling data from database

I developed a custom post type with a custom taxonomy for my WP theme and I need to add a number to associate with my taxonomy. Example: The taxonomy is “store” and the average savings for that store is “20”. I created an interface to add average savings while creating and editing the taxonomy. The […]