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HowTo: develop WP template with dynamic background image

Is there a way to develop a WP template which, amongst others, sets the background image of a certain element dynamically by choice from admin backend? Think of an page editor who simply picks an image just like a regular piece of content. But instead of including the image via HTML <img> tag in the […]

How to use WP Theme Option: Custom_Backgrounds on specific element?

I want to use the WP Theme option Custom_Backgrounds on a specific div. By default it adds it to the body and I dont see a way of changing this. Does anyone know how?

How to remove custom background?

I’m using WordPress 3.5.1 and twentyten. I want to remove the support for custom background. I found this text: but i’m a newbie in php, so I dont know what to do whit the information. I guess I should use this code <?php remove_custom_background() ?> but what to do with it? where should I […]

Blank/White on certain parts of pages

I am volunteering and helping with the website and for some reason, I cannot get the whites on certain pages to go black: Home 4 How do I make it so that the white parts are all black like the rest of the background?

Add custom background to section in home page

To be clear : in WordPress there is an option to change the body backgroung-image. I want to modify this option to permit to change the background-image of a particular section (named #section1) and not the background-image of the body. I know that this question has already been asked by Emir Dupovac, but I applied […]

I can't change the body background-color through style.css

Using a child of Twenty Twelve, I’ve been adding color to all the major containers (#main, #content, #secondary, etc.) using #arbitrary-id { background-color: #dedede; } This works for everything but body. I should be more clear: it changed the body background color until I messed with the background color in “Appearance -> Background”. Now no […]

Change background color of subpages

I have several pages, which are ordered like this: Home Projects – Project 1 — Project 1 Subpage 1 — Project 1 Subpage 2 – Project 2 — … And I want to change the background color (in this case of .site-main {} or any other css classes) depending on the page the user is […]

Different background images on different sites

I use wordpress 4.0.5 and Minamaze Theme ( The Minamaze Theme gives me the opportunity to add custom CSS, without having to edit any files, so I added: body, #body-core { background: url( fixed; background-size:100% auto; } Adding this CSS sets the background properly. What I want to achieve now is, having differnt (like 2 […]

Custom header tiling?

I’ve been playing with the wp custom header and background options. I like the way you can tile a small image for the background, and looking for a way to add that option to the custom header image as well. My theme has a div for the header and I’ve added the wp custom header […]

Background image not appearing

I’m trying to add a custom background on a child theme. In the child theme’s functions.php, I add add_theme_support( ‘custom-background’); and the background option appears under the “Appearance” menu as expected. I add the image that I want, save, and nothing happens. The image won’t appear as the background. What am I doing wrong? Using […]