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Page for logged in user to Edit/Delete their own content?

Im new to WordPress, I have been working with Drupal for about 6 years and recently switched over to WP, couldnt be happier 🙂 I have a question that I need some assistance with and was hoping that someone could help me out with. I am using Gravity Forms to allow users to submit content […]

Custom post type name and assigning custom taxonomy

I’ve made mistake creating custom post type. I’ve put: register_post_type( ‘Post Name’, $args ); instead of register_post_type( ‘post_name’, $args ); Now I need to assign new custom taxonomy to this post type. Problem stars here: register_taxonomy( ‘custom taxonomy’, array( ‘Post Name’ ), $args ); doesn’t work. I’ve tried to change custom post type name to […]

Reusable and site-wide content that can be used in a theme

Goal: To define content (phone number, address etc) in the admin area that can be used (called upon) in a theme. Context: I am making a theme for a multi-site where every site will look the same, but have different content. The user should be able to easily add basic information in the admin area, […]

How to create new content type and flushes rewrite rules without visiting the permalinks page?

I could not found a realiable way to create new content type and allow the permalink structure works. Every place where someone wants to let the permalink structure works to a new content type in WordPress I read that the user needs to visit the Settings > Permalinks admin page. Lots of reference also mentioning […]

How to add a second content section when using certain page template

Is it possible to enable a second content area in the edit screen if a certain template is chosen? I have seen plugins like the second section plugin but that enables it for all pages I would like to only have the second section if a certain page template is chosen for a page.

Multiple Websites that share some content types and not others

I need to know if WordPress can handle multiple sites. And between these sites, it should share some content types while restricting others. If the answer is yes, then I need to know: does it do it out of the box what plugins will i need do i need to build my own plugins do […]

wordpress content .php file in an iframe's src in a wordpress post

I would like to insert an iframe with WordPress content inside a post. I explain myself. I have two things: a post and a presentation. In the the_content() WordPress filter, I add my iframe to the $content. This iframe has a src pointing to a custom .php file, and inside this .php I want to […]

Where is the right place to store custom images?

I’m converting my old web project to WP and there are tons of book covers that aren’t to be uploaded/managed by WP but by my own functions. Where is the right place to store such a kind of custom content? For sure it has to be a new folder but where? Maybe wp-content/uploads/cover or wp-content/cover […]

writing posts in indian regional language (Punjabi)

I am trying to create a post in Punjabi Language . But when i try to paste punjabi text into the editor , the language automatically gets converted to English. I tried using the Google Translator plugin , but that does not convert the page accurately. Is there a way i can post articles in […]

Load dynamic content in a wordpress website

is there a way to load a page content ( or an element ) from a page into another one on a same WordPress website? For example, if I had a page with some links would it be possible to make a specific element ( such as a div ), that comes from an another […]