Articles of custom content

How to create a list of items with fields in WordPress?

I’m new to WordPress and hoping some of you experts can help me figure out the best way to attack what seems like such a simple problem. I need to have two lists of items that the user can add to, delete and update that will show up on the home page of the site. […]

Is it acceptable to build functionality into a theme built for a client?

I know it’s now the common wisdom to not build functionality into themes, as advised by WordPress, Envato, and others. This includes the likes of content types, taxonomies, sliders, shortcodes etc, to make themes as flexible as possible when used for different applications. I know I don’t like downloading themes which have more functionality built-in […]

Including an External File in a Post (and Using Processed Paths)

I have a post that includes a relatively large table that gets updated frequently. Instead of using the (slower) web interface to update the post each time, I installed one of the “run PHP” plugins and put a short bit of PHP code in the table body that opens an external file on the server […]

Pre-fill fields with content from outside when creating a new post

I’d like to find a way to fill some of the fields from the /wp-admin/post-new.php page from an external source. It works for the title: loading /wp-admin/post-new.php?post_title=title1 fills the title input with title1. You get the idea, what would be great is something like /wp-admin/post-new.php?post_title=title1&content=content1&tags=tag1,tag2&cat=cat1,cat2… so that when I arrive on the post-new.php with most […]

Add Content to Page without shortcodes

The site I’m working on has a couple of pages that needs to be filled with different content elements like text image combinations, sliders, lists of content, etc. The client would need to re-order these content blocks, add new ones and so forth. Every content block would be piece of content (post or custom post […]

Adding content to archive and taxonomy pages on custom post types?

I have a custom post type named “Products” and a taxonomy called “Usage”. On my “Products” landing page I’d like to have custom content that can be edited via WYSIWYG by the client. Same goes for the taxonomy landing page. My thought was to create fake Pages and just pull the content via ID into […]