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Will multiple category descriptions effect my search engine optimization?

I plan to use the category descriptions as outputted content into my posts for site user searches within my site, but I want to know when I make the site live to search engines will that presence of multiple category descriptions (duplicates) effect my seo in a negative way, i.e. getting blacklisted. So I will […]

Query pulling a single post per month

I am trying to only show a single post per month on a query. I can set the date as a variable and use something like the php array_unique function to check the dates and only echo out unique ones, however this feels a bit ‘hacky’. Is there a built in query variable, or something […]

Automate post update for all posts?

I have managed to fill custom fields with certain predefined values of all my post, but the changes don’t take effect until I manually update the posts. Example: // Predefined variable and value $page_description = “This is a sample value that will be put (echo $page_description) into a custom field”; // Echo Variable into Custom […]

Custom field bug in WordPress 3.2

I have a question. I just installed WordPress 3.2. And ever since then, when I want to add a custom field, precisely when I clicked on “Add custom field”, my page is refreshed. And no custom field is added. What is it ? Ajax bug ? WordPress 3.2 ? Can you help me please ?

Unable to select image with custom field

I’m using the advanced custom field plugin to convert WP into a CMS (it’s works brilliantly for this). There’s just one issue – with an image field it’s not quite a smooth process as images need to be selected twice, this causes user confusion. Rather than me up all the images again – please see […]

Group Posts By Custom Meta Value: Date

I have a post with a custom meta value which is populated via a jQuery datepicker and it gets stored in the following format: yyyy/mm/dd – is there a way I can group all posts from the same day together easily? I’m not using WordPress’s publish date, as I need to have future posts published. […]

How can I modify my meta_query to work with prices that are stored in the database that contain dollar signs and commas?

My goal is to return posts based on a specific price range using meta_query. The price in the admin that the user enters is a custom field, created using WPAlchemy. In the example below, the query would return any posts with a price value between 1000 and 1500: ‘meta_query’ => array( array( ‘key’ => ‘_my_price’, […]

make a dropdown custom field with 'cities' list in it

I am developing a website for real estates. I was wondering that how can I add a dropdown to my custom forms (theme my login plugin) for cities states etc. The basic point is that I dont want to add new tables in the database. I want to achieve this without that. Thanks

Custom fields not displaying on front end

I’ve read a ton of tutorials and articles and searched for days now, but I still can’t seem to get my custom fields to display in the loop and I could use a hand. First off, I definitely have the custom fields enabled and they are taking data. When I edit a post (I’m using […]

Checking for custom field in admin pages

I am loading some scripts conditionally for the admin section with : if (is_admin()) { wp_register_style(‘admin_js’, get_bloginfo(‘template_directory’) . ‘/admin.js’); wp_enqueue_script(‘admin_js’); } The script gets elements with: theID = document.getElementById(‘bar’).value; The missing element exists on custom meta boxes <?php function my_meta() { global $post; $custom = get_post_custom($post->ID); $uniqueInput = $custom[“uniqueInput “][0]; ?> <p><label for=”foo”>Input:</label><br /> <input […]