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How can I create a profile field group that the user can't see?

Profile field groups allow you to create distinct collections of profile fields. Is there a way to set permissions on one of those field groups so that even the user requires a certain level of access to view or modify their own? Perhaps there’s something set up for metadata? I run an online tutoring service […]

Display custom field from the front page on another page

so I am hoping to retrieve a custom field that is already displayed on the “front-page.php” template on an another page.php template of my website. I know how to do that with the post-id way, but what I’m hoping to do is get it so that it automatically retrieves them from the front page template… […]

Custom Fields not showing up for custom post type

I’m a little new to WordPress development and am SO frustrated– I created some custom post types, and am trying to add custom fields to them. For some reason, the fields will just not show up when I try to add a new post!!! Here is my code–this is in the custom post type file. […]

Performance of storing multiple meta fields vs one JSON encoded field

This question already has an answer here: Custom post meta field effect on the performance on the post 3 answers

Output custom text field as unordered list

I am quite new to php. I am using advanced custom fields and have a custom field with the name tags. Users are inputting content such as: Tag 1, Tag 2, Tag 3 I would like parse this output and show it as unordered list: Tag 1 Tag 2 Tag 3 The following code gives […]

How to make Meta Query case sensitive?

I have a meta query similar to: $posts = new WP_Query( ‘post_type=article&meta_key=kln_aid&meta_value=’ . $aid ); where I need aid to be case-sensitive. Is that possible via Meta Query?

Auto populate a meta box field from another meta box field when publish or save

I have a WP theme with its own custom fields. I installed the PowerPress Plugin. The PowerPress Plugin has a textfield called ‘Episode Titles’. What I want is when the post is published (or save), WP will grab the data from the custom field ‘Speaker’ and then populated it into ‘Episode Titles’. Can someone show […]

remove initial wysiwyg editor from cms page edit

So I have successfully installed and implemented the Advanced Custom Fields plugin from: I have applied a set of custom fields to a custom page template, successfully. What Im trying to do now is remove the initial text input field from the page, but I haven’t a clue where to start, here is what […]

WP REST API – get custom taxonomies based on terms & filter

I need to get the list of data’s with taxonomy term property_category,based on this property_category having data’s like apartment,house,office etc.For example localhost url given And also need to get the list of data’s with taxonomy term property_type_category,based on this property_type_category having data’s like rent,sale. And also one more question while filtering the data’s […]

Save all custom field data into one “master” custom field

Let’s say we have three custom fields: Pirates Robots Ninjas Maybe we’re saving information about different people who are related to a post in each of those professions. What I’m trying to figure out is how to save that all into one custom field, let’s call it Professions, when the page is Updated or Published […]